Beginners Guide to SEO Writing

February 6, 2018

Nowadays, people have depended on search engines to search for information instead of the traditional ways of going to library or newspaper. Thus, having a good content that is also SEO friendly will ensure that your article will get a lot of attention from the visitors. This in turn will create a better brand exposure if your article is listed within a website that belongs to you. The challenge is how to incorporate SEO in your content writing.

First, you will need to understand the importance of Keyword research and how to incorporate the keywords in your SEO writing. Statistics have shown that 95% of the CTR (click through rate) by most visitors is based on the 1st page of the search engine.

So to be on the 1st page of the search engine, you will need to choose the best keywords or phrase that is well optimize to incorporate into your content. General keywords are popular and can yield good SEO results and specific keywords are less popular and give an average SEO ranking results.

But this does not mean that input all the “Hot” keywords in your content will guarantee good SEO results as there are other factors to consider for page ranking. A general tip is to make sure that you do not overuse the keywords by adding the keywords repeatedly in your content.

You must take special attention to ensure that your content is unique as plagiarism contents in your site will be penalized by the search engines and affect your page rankings.

To explain further, plagiarism contents are contents which the writer have copy the ideas or concept from another similar topic without explaining it to the visitor in his or her own words.

Sometimes you will have to take note of certain restrictions such as language barrier which you may need write the article in several languages if they want to get the good page ranking in that particular country like Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia which majority of the visitors prefer to read the article in their native language.

Another thing to take note that you must be careful and make sure that your content is not offending to that particular country in terms of religious or cultured taboo. After you have chosen the best keywords and written a good content, the next thing is to learn to organize your content.

For first-timers, you can refer to other articles online to learn how they structure their content. But it will be good if you can add in interesting headers or videos as it will make the visitor to be more attentive to your content and stays in your website longer.

Using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus is a must if you want to use social networks to share your content while building internal and external links at the same time as both methods go hand in hand together to increase your SEO rankings for your article.

This will apply to blogs post as well as more and more people are engaging online with bloggers to share their opinions about this particular products and services which you can maximize it’s potential to promote your website if you do it in a right way.

Of course there are other types of SEO content such as videos, infographics, guidebooks, slideshows and so on. But to a beginner, I will advise you to start off with writing a content or a blog post to practice and hone your SEO skills before you go further to explore other styles of SEO writing in the future.

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