Best SEO practices for Beginners

February 6, 2018

Most business will depend on the Major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for their SEO or SEM campaign. But to the constant changing and updating of the search engine algorithm such as Google.

Some of the business owners may get confused and will not which is the best SEO practices to implement and follow to ensure that their website page ranking stays on top.

Frankly speaking, even this is not an easy task even for me as I’ve been doing and practicing SEO for ten years.Besides the fact that Google has constantly updated it’s algorithm, there’s also the webmaster guideline set by Google which I do strongly encourage you to read through to get a basic understanding on how Google ranks your site and the do’s and don’ts when you start your SEO campaign.

For those who are beginners in SEO, I have done some research online and you can refer to my pointers as a basic guideline that ensures that your website will have a smooth sailing in the world of SEO.

Number one – Content is king.

You may heard of this phrase very often as mentioned by many SEO experts. While writing a good content may be easy, writing a unique content that is SEO-friendly will requires a lot of time, experience and patience.

According to Google’s quality guideline, you will need to avoid turning your online article to become scrape content. Scrape content means the writer has copy and modify the ideas of the similar content from other relevant websites without any input of the writer’s own content.

Google will penalize heavily on such matter. This doesn’t mean that you have to invent a whole new theory on the topic you want to write. You can take some reference or pointers from other relevant articles and use them to write your own thoughts on the article.

This with the addition of the keywords and the link building in the article will ensure your article to be SEO-friendly and increase your website’s page ranking at the same time.

Number two – Always do your homework (at least once a week)

As mentioned earlier, Major search engine’s algorithm will change constantly and it will be good for you to take some time to read on SEO related articles so that you will understand the latest trend and how the search engine’s powerhouse such as Google, Yahoo and Bing index and set new guidelines for SEO’s page ranking.

Number three – Make sure your website is “Smart-friendly”

This is totally a new phrase invented by me. Smart-friendly means that your website must be adaptable to all smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Very simple, nowadays most visitor will use their mobile phones to search for products or services.

So if your website is fully optimized for mobile devices, you will stand a better advantage in terms of page ranking and better conversions rate.

Number four – How to monitor your page rankings in the search engine.

Other than analyzing your website performance which the website’s loading speed is one of the important factors to SEO. There are many software online such as Rank Tracker or other similar software to check your keywords ranking and your website’s search engine page ranking.

Which some of the software may even allow you to check and understand your competitor’s SEO ranking at the same while checking yours.

In summary, while the ultimate aim of spending time, money and effort to set up an SEO campaign is to get more sales conversions via the search engine and increase your company’s brand awareness.

One shall always adopt good and ethical SEO practices to ensure that your website is well trusted by the search engines.

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