What are the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO by Damien Low

February 6, 2018

So what is the taboo and the acceptable method when it comes to do SEO for the purpose of boosting your company’s brand awareness and getting more sales conversion online.

This is often the question which marketers and business owners will ask.

Especially on Search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing where the algorithms will constantly evolved which may or may not include new terms and conditions for SEO and even SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Just for your understanding, SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is the process getting the online traffic from organic or natural search results via the search engines. Another words, SEO will help your website to be noticed by people that will normally appear on the first page of the search results where they key in the relevant keywords that is related to your business products and services.

One thing I will need to clarify that in this article is that rather than elaborating the issue of “Black hat” and “white hat” method of doing SEO in details.

Personally I will prefer to share with you my experiences in doing SEO for my company and how to do the correct way to ensure that your efforts are not wasted and you can get the best page ranking results for your site.

The Do’s of SEO

#1 – Always include high ranking keywords in the content of your website.

You can use google keyword analytics or other similar software to research on keywords that has high ranking and competition.

#2 – Learn to focus your content that is related to the keywords.

This will include the title and meta tag that must be relevant to the content, easily engage the viewers. For the content part, I will recommend to go straight the point rather than adding additional information but is not relevant to the content.

If possible, try not to overuse the same keywords or phrase in the same content but instead you can replace the keywords with another of the same definition also known as keywords variations.

#3 – The importance of link building

Always focus on using quality instead of quantity links for your website content as this easily caused your content to appear spammy and affect your SEO ranking.

For internal linking, do note that while doing link building, you shall build links for the keywords that is for ranking purpose and only link to the webpage once.

As for external linking, as long the website that is link to the keywords is relevant and has a credible reputation.

#4 – image optimization for images

It is important to tag or include alt-text to the image that is in your website to be index by the search engine as nowadays images is also part of the search engine’s algorithm.

#5 – Quality and relevant content

Writing quality contents for your website is good for SEO ranking as long as the content is relevant and user-friendly without too many technical jargons.

The minimum requirement for the texts will be 500 and above and for blogs will be 300 words to use as a guideline.

Also do create backlinks from other websites that can share via social media such as Facebook, Google plus, youtube or LinkIN as a added bonus for your site’s page ranking.

#6 – Responsive website for smart devices

This will involves the process to ensure your website is compatible to all smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. So to suit the busy but convenience lifestyle for most people around the world. Not only responsive websites are more preferred and research has shown that the SEO ranking is higher than non-responsive website due to lower bounce rate.

The Dont’s of SEO

Let’s talk about what is the taboo while doing SEO but I will elaborate in bullet points as the answer are pretty straightforward.

#1 – Avoid inbounds links that is poor in quality to avoid negative SEO ranking for your website.

#2 – Avoid duplicating other similar contents online and copy them to your own website as this is call plagiarism and it will affect your SEO ranking greatly.

#3 – Avoid over linking to external websites from your content as this might be easily deem as spam content by search engines nowadays especially Google.

#4 – Avoid overuse of keywords in the same content, though this does not impact your website’s SEO ranking but might reduce the viewer’s interest and in turn sales conversions.

#5 – Avoid any “Black hat” schemes such as buying back links or using hidden links and other methods as it will affect your website’s SEO ranking greatly and even risk from being penalised heavily by the search engines.

While It is good and necessary to learn the correct way of doing SEO for your website. Do bear in mind that SEO will not give you immediate but a slow and steady results in the long run.

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