How to be Creative in Branding.

March 18, 2018

It may be easy to creating a brand and building a strong branding for your company. But It is a different story when it comes to designing a creative brand that is unique, interesting and well accepted in this complex society. Thus It is also important to learn how to be creative in the concept without offending people accidentally.

The reason is this, if you advertise a product or service which have offended a particular group of people in terms of religion, beliefs, culture or society stigma.This group of people will voice out their opinions aggressively either via social media or even stage a protest outside the company building.Which is the common scenario that may even cause a company’s downfall.

In this article, I will give you some advice in developing a good and strategy that is creative in branding and will bring good profits and recognition to your company.

Identify your goal.
Before you begin, you will need to know who’s your target customers and how are you going to convince them to buy your products or service.

Having a clear objective
To create an efficient and creative strategy, you will need to answer these questions first to have a clear understanding of what and how you want to execute the plan.
Questions like the business agenda, main objective, target audience, customer’s preference, action plan, special offers, marketing budget, customer database, reference materials, story of your product or services and so on.
By having a clear objective and well-define plan, it will be much easier for your execute your strategy with a higher success rate.

Understand your market
Doing an extensive market research in understanding the consumer’s mindset will be a good start as they can provide with valuable insights and feedback which you can use to execute your plan.
It will be good to conduct surveys and market testing to get important information from the general public or the selected group of people which will be useful for you to customize your product/services to be appealing to the market.

Learn from your competitors
While it’s good to get ideas and learn from your competitors, you shall avoid becoming a copycat as this may tarnish your company’s reputation as your competitors might take action against you via social media to spread negative comments on your marketing campaign or even sue you for infringement rights if necessary.

Know your Team
During the process of planning and executing your marketing plan, it will be good to know which department and key personnel will be supporting you for the development.
It is true that they may not directly aiding you to plan your marketing strategy but at least stay in good terms with them will avoid any unnecessary delays which may be deliberate as the supporting personal may have other ad-hoc duties to do and might purposely delay your assignment for the project.But it can be different if you communicate well with them as they will be more willing to assist your to complete the campaign.

Creating the Right image for your brand
You will need to look in details when it comes to imaging for your brand. Factors such as the type of colour use, the size of the product, technology involved (for electronics products), clear clarification of chemicals and ingredients (for FMCG products), Terms and conditions for the service provided and so on. This will ensure that the final product/service will satisfy the market demands and a positive reputation for your brand.

Quality assurance
While having a guarantee is good for convince your customers to make the purchase.It’s equally important to ensure them that you have done your quality assurance check before advertising your product/service to the market.
As the last thing you want to see is customers asking for refunds or making complaints after they made the purchase.For most marketers in today’s market, it may be a challenging task to be creative in your marketing strategy that can showcase your brand as unique and innovative.

But with meticulous planning and the strong belief in your brand, you will be able to achieve your target and get the results you desire.

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