The future of SEO with Private Blog Network (PBN)

Oct 4, 2018 | Blog

In the world of SEO, there are many online tools that can help the business owner to increase the page ranking of their website and Private Blog Network is definitely one of them. Also known as PBN, it is one of the popular SEO tools that are not only efficient but also cost-effective in ranking the website via SERPs (search engine result pages). The main reason for its popularity is the fact that any SEO campaign that involves PBN allows the targeted website to rank better, especially for keywords that are highly competitive with the condition to buy quality PBN backlinks from professionals in the relevant industry.

For your information, Private Blog Network is a collection of the website that is high in authority and is usually expired domains with good backlinks which the site owner has complete control to enhance and improve the website’s backlink profile in order to rank the site’s page ranking. Another word, the target website will publish all the content and related links to these groups of PBN websites without any restriction from the website’s target keywords, niche or goal.

PBNs are so useful and popular that websites such as blogs, affiliate marketing sites, business websites and other types of websites used it to increase their SEO ranking in the search engine. This is done so when Private Blog Network controls the targeted site’s backlink profile, the volume of links, anchor texts distributions and feed it to the site itself. In this way, search engines such as Google or Yahoo will index the site and give a better page ranking accordingly.

To understand further the benefits of using Private Blog Network, I have indicated the 3 main advantages in using PBN as shown below.

1. Instant Authority

By leveraging the authority from those PBNs sites, Private Blog Network can be a very powerful SEO tool as the site owner can use the links from those websites that are well trusted and has established its presence on the internet for a long time for their SEO campaign.

2. Control

As mentioned in the article earlier, it is good for site owners to have control in their SEO campaign by using a network to dictate the links and the anchor text for the content without much restriction as compared to other link building tools. Although there are times the site owner may be penalized by the search engine, the site owner can revoke the penalty by removing the links which are unless they have bought links from unauthorized PBN sites or building GSA links.

3.No Relationship Building required

Using private blog networks can easily replace the need to spend additional time and effort to form the relationship with bloggers to allow the intended site owner feature their content or guest post any articles or links in the blogger’s website as part of the content marketing strategy.

In conclusion, using private blog networks has proven to be one of the best SEO tools for link building strategy. Which not gives a good ROI (Return of Investment) but provides more option, save time and effort for the site owner for their SEO campaign in the long run.

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