The Wrong Understand Of SEO

Times have change and this article is not going to be a length one. In the past you might have always heard that content is King and you need a blog roll section in your website be it corporate or e-commerce in order to have better SEO results.

You might have also heard that you will need SEM to compliment your SEO rankings.

Well all these are just myths for SEO agencies to drain money out of you and to have you spending more money. Lets face it, in a busy business culture, where will a company have so muchme to write articles and blog post on a daily basis. Content is King is partly through as the pages content needs to be informative and not copied from elsewhere. Taking from an example, you wouldnt want to read the content from Website A and the same content in Website B and C and so forth. You want fresh and original content. If Google the main search engine is showing results where every content is the same, no body will be using Google Search engine anymore. Sames goes if their content is all crap and spin information which they use some Spnner software for it.

Another misunderstanding is SEM to boost SEO, SEM as we know is Search Engine Marketing and its the Advertisement part of the website campaign. SEO and SEM Agencies throughout the world work on the same technique so that you can spend more with them for the agencies will earn a minium percentage from your ads spending. S for example most ocmpanies will earn a 15 % ads spending where by if the budget for advertising campaign is $100 a day, $15 goes into the pocket and $85 goes to advertising. This is not so bad as anyway, paid for services work done is natural and part of a business transaction.

SEM is the immediate solution for instant SEO as as long as you are willing to pay the minimum bidding price for a keyword, you will be ranked for your keyword in the form of advertisements. My point here is concept. Concept that SEM helps in SEO is wrong but SEM is effective and many of my clients stil lrun on SEM and SEO at the same time.

Want to know the immediate and quic solution to the real secrets of SEO, please stay tuned and bookmark our website for updates on Secrets of SEO finally revealed.

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