Increase Your Website Traffic with Featured Snippets

May 20, 2021

If you want to increase the traffic of your website on Google, then you must follow their regular updates. Everybody wants to be on top of the search result on Google, in fact, some even invest in various SEO services just to make it possible.

Nevertheless, the featured snippets of Google are actually a topic of interest for SEO specialists. A featured snippet is a rich search result that appears as a box on SERPs. These are fields of details that try to offer an answer related to the question of a user. Usually, these snippets are placed at the top of SERP above other organic results and below the paid ads.

But the question is, how to increase website traffic with featured snippets? Do you want to know the answer? If yes, then keep on reading.

 Answer Questions Directly

The algorithm of Google is becoming more advanced as the day goes by. However, some kinds of content do not lend themselves well to featured snippets.

Most often, it looks like such snippets appear around a keyword that’s asking direct questions and content that offers direct answers.

For example, steps to solve issues and how-to-list are compensated with snippets frequently.

To create a simplification, it looks like that the majority of questions that begin with an interrogative like how, what, when, and among others provide featured snippets on condition that the search results consist of content that answers questions.

 Post answers nearby the top of the page

Remember that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean equal causation. But, digital advertisers already notice correlations about the prevalence of snippets with content that is posted nearby the top of a particular page. In fact, it also becomes a general rule for keywords.

While keywords are not as vital as before, a lot of digital advertisers still attempt to include keyword phrases in the first sentence and heading of their content.

Further, it is recommended to follow a similar approach for the content you want to be featured snippets.

 Look for a way to snipe your competitors

If you notice that your competitors have featured snippets whether they are ranked lower or higher than you in the search engine result pages, look for ways on how you can beat them. Take note you can find techniques to develop upon the content of your competitors.

Do you want to increase the traffic on your website? If so, then you should follow the ways mentioned above.

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