Don’t Get Started with Fake Domain Authority

January 18, 2022

Domain Authority is important but there is a hack to get fake Domain Authority from MOZ that will lead to no benefits but hurt your long-term SEO growth.

Domain authority is the rating of the domain, not just one page. It’s also referred to as SEOmoz Rank or MozRank. Domain authority considers link juice and many other SEO ranking factors. SEOmoz has a domain authority predictor. SEO Moz’s Domain Authority is very important as it’s crucial to SEO success.

Domain Authority (DA) is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by SEO Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines based on backlink profile, and is a very important SEO factor. DA is not a PageRank replacement, as Google’s PR works on individual pages This, while MOZ Domain Authority measures the SEO power of an entire domain or subdomain. A high SEO Moz Rank shows that the website has good SEO strength and is recognized by Google.

Google currently doesn’t publicly provide PageRank of websites, but SEO Moz provides an SEOmoz Domain Authority which is a strong indicator of how well Google’s PR algorithm will rank the website.

SEO Domain authority is important for SEO rankings, but SEO Moz has developed a hack that can be used to get fake DA by altering the HTML code on the page using Mozscape API.

Why is it bad to do Redirects for Fake Domain Name Authority

Domain Authority is important but some SEO companies or even SEO individuals working in a company will use some methods of redirects to get a high Domain Authority. This high domain authority does not mean anything” to the website as it does not build the trust flow TF and neither in the majestic links of high-quality backlinks.

If this is not resolved soon, the website could potentially be blacklisted and Google is getting on to it. This is a method of black hat SEO for wanting to rank high on the search engines fast but with negative effects.

Here is how to get a Fake Domain Authority (DA) score to “Cheat

The most common way is to use redirects from High DA websites, this works the same way as Expired High DA Moz score domain names. Simply put a permanent redirect to the domains that were purchased and point it to your website and that’s it. This method is a common black har SEO Method that eventually damages your SEO rankings and worst you might bet penalized and black listed by Google.

Domain Authority needs time to build and it’s not something that can be done overnight. 

How to know if you are getting a Fake Domain Authority?

A Fake Domain Authority is easily tracked when you check against the TF, Trust Flow, and Majestic SEO Tool

Check Trust Flow and Citation Flow

But one very good tool I recommend will be the MOZ Domain Analysis Tool. Since this Domain Authority comes from MOZ, it’s better to use their tool.

Domain Authority Checker Tool

How to Tell if you are being hit on a Fake Domain Authority and Black Hat SEO is being performed on your website.

Can you say “black hat”? The name says it all. This kind of SEO is meant to achieve higher rankings without regard for authenticity or ethics, which leads many people in the search engine industry (and beyond) to worry about what will happen if these practices become more widespread – especially because they’ve already had some success with them at worse times than now.”

If you are getting a DA of about 50 and higher and your Trust Flow is less than 10, it’s a time to worry, But if the trust Flow links are close to that of the Domain Authority, you are safe, It means that your DA score is genuine and there is nothing to worry.

There are many websites I have seen that are using this method and are waiting to be penalized. If you are affected by this and need help, speak to us, we can help you. 

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