Revamp Your Marketing Strategy with Meta Marketing Pro: Essential Updates and Facebook Campaign Tips

April 24, 2023

1. Ad Policy as at 3 Jan 2023

The new ad policy indicate that Meta will imposed a 1% surcharge should you do not make payment within the grace period given. The 1% surcharge will be added onto the 2nd billing cycle.

The ramification as follows, if you are running an active campaign, Meta will ceased running the ad. You can only activate it once payment is made but it will go thru a learning phase allover again before optimising

See the link here for more details Self- Serve Ad Terms

Common error made by advertiser
– New Credit Card not updated
– Limits on Credit card charges set by Banks / or you set your own limit on FB billing

2. Advertising Policy

For more details view Introduction to the Advertising Standards

It is recommended that you activate the two factor authentification, it is easier to do an account verification when you appeal What happens if your ads were rejected and you would like to appeal?

New feature to appeal for any restriction

More details Advertising Restriction

3. CPR is high

There are many variables that could cost your CPR to be high, such as creative, budget, marketing plan and target audience.
If you come across creative limited or learning limited

Creative Limited
What is Creative Limited in Facebook?

After a campaign is active: When we believe that your target audience has seen the same ad too many times, you will see Creative limited or Creative fatigue in the Delivery column status for your ad set or ad.
More information on creative Limited thru this link

What does learning limited mean on a Facebook ad?
Generally, an ad set becomes learning limited when the ad set is limited by small audience size, low budget, low bid or cost control, high auction overlap, an infrequent optimization event, or other issues such as running too many ads at the same time.
More information on Learning Limited thru this link

What is audience overlap?
What is audience overlap? Well to put this simply, audience overlap occurs when people in one of your audiences also exists in a completely different audience.To put this in an example think about having an audience of lookalikes at 1% and 2%.
More information on audience overlap thru here

Click on this link for more information why my CPR is high

4. Best Practises

Video Views now accounts for almost half of all time spent on Facebook. Use sight, sound and motion to get your stories watched.

Video ads are a great way to grab attention with motion, show what your business offers and bring your message to life. Learn how to use the video views objective to drive delivery to new audiences who are most likely to watch the video and engage with your business, consider products/services, and ultimately make a purchase. This campaign is intended for businesses who have a video asset.

Check out some of the best practises, Download this guide here:

Tell your brand story and build your business video

5.Audience Expansion

.keyword such as reading, engaged shoppers would be ideal for your target audience

You may also on the popular events, personality or program shows eg, Netflix, popular radio station
Best practices to help your service reach your preferred audience.

Create an Event Engagement Custom Audience.

To reach people who have shown interest in your events on Facebook, you can create an Event Engagement Custom Audience. You can include or exclude people who’ve responded to events or expressed interest in purchasing tickets.

Use a Custom Audience from previous events.

Use Meta Ads Manager to upload a list of people who’ve purchased tickets for your events in the past, then create a Custom Audience to reach those people again. You can make sure to reach previous attendees who may not have seen your current event on Facebook.

Use a lookalike audience to find people similar to your attendees.

Use Ads Manager to upload a list of people from email lists or people who have purchased tickets for your events in the past. When you create a lookalike audience, we’ll find similar people based on their Facebook data and browsing history.

Use your connections.

To reach people who have responded to an event from your Page and their friends, use the Connections field when you create your ad.

Choose the right location.

Focus your audience on the people who are most likely to attend the event in a specific location. For local events, choose the city and set your audience to reach people within a certain radius. If you host similar events in multiple locations, we recommend that you create a separate event for each location.
More information on types of Audience here

Case Studies

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Nespresso Taiwan: Boosting brand awareness wityh FB branded content ads
Jollibhee: Apeealing to Genb Z with fast food reels ads on Fb and IG
Eckes-Granini: raising brand awarebess with augmented reality ads on Gb and IG
Kix: Boosting online sales using Meta advantage +shopping campaigns
ChicMe: reaching high value customers with facebook Lookalike audience
Rhinoshield: reaching customers throughout the sales journey to increase conversions

Facebook Insights

Cross border Business guide

Additional Resources:

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