Is there such things as SEO Web Hosting?

We have heard of SEO Hosting but is there really such a thing as SEO hosting. We heard of C Class IP Address for SEO. Why is C Class good and not B Class or A Class. Or is it just a marketing Gimmick? What are the different types of web hosting and how they can affect your SEO Performance.

As a matter of Fact, there is no such thing as SEO Hosting. All these are the sales gimmick of the web hosting companies to bring in more sales to them by so call making you think that having SEO Hosting of a specific IP class C will improve your SEO Rankings. But there is still some truth to It where different types of web hosting can affect yoru SEO rankings results.

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In Web hosting, there are 3 main types of web hosting which is the shared web hosting, VPS aka Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server. What type of hosting should you go for the best SEO performance of your website? Below is a detailed Singapore Style explanation to better understand the difference in each.

Shared Web hosting normally cheap and price in the range of between $5 to $30 a month. Shared web hosting in single Singaporean Terms its like a HDB. A HDB block has many units like probably 100 units in a block. Whether the block will be a good location or a bad location will depend on the neighbours in the same block. If there is one or 2 bad neighbours in the block, that block will not be able to fetch a good price. In Shared webhosting, you will be affected by others users on the same server. If there are other users using it for spam purpose, your website will also be affected even if it has the best SEO Services done or by an SEO Expert. In a shared web hosting there are more than 1000 users on a single server so the chances of you being considered as a spam is considerably high.

VPS, Virtual Private Server is one level up from shared web hosting, its like staying in a private apartment or a condominium. There are few people in the block and the neighbours are slightly better as they are willing to pay the price to stay in a condominium. You are not so much affected by the neighbours. A VPS is the same like the condominium. With about 6 to 10 users on a server, the price for VPS Web Hosting is between $100 to $300 a month depending on the requirements required like the ram and memory just like a computer.

Dedicated Server is self explanatory. One and Only, Its like a Bungalow, stand alone, not affected by anyone at all. You pay the premium for bungalow. Dedicated Server is very expensive and few companies requires this dedicated servers. Most of them who uses this services of dedicated web hosting are big organizations and mobile app developers where they experience super high traffic and bandwidth. It’s a server that serves only 1 single website.

With the known types of web hosting, we can see that the clear winner is VPS Web Hosting for they are the best performance and most economical for your website. Sotavento Medios offers Manafged VPS Hosting from as low as $100 a month and you can be sure that your website is in safe hands.

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