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Online Marketing is a technique that leverage on web-based channels to spread information of a company’s brand, reputation, product or services to reach out to its potential customers on the internet.

Online Marketing Singapore

Online Marketing Singapore

What is an Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a technique that leverage on web-based channels to spread information of a company’s brand, reputation, product or services to reach out to its potential customers on the internet. There are many methods and tactics that are used for online marketing that includes but search engine optimization, social media marketing, email, display advertising, Google Adwords, Paid Per Click and more. In short, the main objectives of online marketing is to use various online channels via the internet to reach out to as much potential customers as possible which they will indulge their time in reading, researching, shopping and socializing online.

Since the late 90’s, many people have started to rely on the internet for their social entertainment or business enquiry which leads to high demand for companies to adopt online marketing in order to gain more market share and increase branding awareness for their company. Unlike traditional marketing which use mediums like printing press, billboards, radio and television advertisements, It is more effective and cost saving for companies in long term.

This is why Online Marketing is deemed as the necessity for companies to advertise their brand, building customer loyalty and better sales conversions in this digital era.

What are the common Online Marketing Services in Singapore?

While there are many Online Marketing services available in the market, I will list down the most common and popular services that is highly sought after by companies in Singapore as shown below.

Online Marketing Singapore
Online Marketing Singapore

What are the common Online Marketing Services in Singapore?

While there are many Online Marketing services available in the market, I will list down the most common and popular services that is highly sought after by companies in Singapore as shown below.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the online method that companies used to deliver a commercial message aka advertisement to a targeted group of people or companies via email. Email Marketing can be also used to request for business collaborations, solicit sales or donations. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, solicit sales or donations.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the technique that use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and others to connect with the targeted audience to build positive brand awareness, increase sales conversions and drive website traffic. This method involves constant publishing of great and interesting content on the company’s social media profiles, listening to their comments or feedbacks and engaged your followers. By doing so, you can analyze the online marketing results and use it to run social media advertisements accordingly.


Also known as Search Engine Optimization, It’s the online practice of using targeted keywords that represents the product, service or branding of the company to increase both the quantity and quality of website traffic that is redirected to your company website via the search engine. SEO helps to increase the exposure to your company’s brand using non-paid methods known as “organic” search engine results. In layman terms, SEO is all about understanding what the consumers are searching for online, what kinds of answer they are seeking online, the common words they are using to search for a particular information and the type of content they want to consume. By knowing these answers will easily allow you as the business owner to connect to the potential customers who are searching online and link to the solutions your business offer.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an online method that advertise a product or service using visuals like videos, animations or images that runs on various networks of publisher websites like Google Display Network and popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. It usually comes in the form of display advertisements that are placed on third-party websites in the form of image, banner, and text advertisements to promote it’s product or services to online viewers who are reading the website.


Known as Search Engine Marketing, it is a online marketing strategy that is used to increase the exposure and visibility of a websites in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Unlike SEO which used organic traffic, SEM use paid advertisements that appears on the 1st or 2nd page of the search engine and is usually referred to PPC (Pay Per Click) or paid search.

Live Streaming Virtual Events & Webinars

Live streaming Virtual event is an online event that used live streaming experience or virtual conference that involves people interacting in an online environment on the web but based on real time. Examples of such virtual events are webinars, online classes, virtual trade shows, online tours, and company events. There are also hybrid events that is becoming popular recently that mixed actual events with virtual content which can be accessed online via internet instead of attending the physical event. Another term for “Virtual event” is online events which are using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) setting to enhance the user’s experience online.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is the practice and process of improving a website’s ability to drive business goals and in-crease their visibility in the online market. There are many methods to optimize a website. From improving the performance and functionality of the website, better content for link building, A/B testing to test on the variations based on the webpages of their website so as to determine which changes in the website will result in better sales conversions rates.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing tactics that focused mainly to create and distribute quality, valuable, consistent and relevant content for the website to retain and attract better audience viewership and to increase the odds to convince customer to take action in purchasing the products or services of the website they are reading. The main benefits of a good content marketing will help the company to increase sales conversions, save cost and build better customer loyalty.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an online marketing practice that use video to promote and market your company brand, products or service using digital channels and social media platforms. By using video marketing to promote your brand, service or product, it helps to increase the visibility and also helps to educate the prospective and current customers to increase sales conversions in the long run.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation (MA in short) is a technique that used various platforms or software to assist companies to reduce the time flow and lessen the repetitive tasks and marketing process in manual mode with IT solutions that are fully automated and more efficient, saving time and money for the company. Marketing automation also helps to nurture sales prospects with more attractive and personalized content which is designed to convert them from leads to customers. This is usually done by using campaigns that is automated in a certain way to educate prospects more on your company’s products or service and convert them into qualified leads.

Online Marketing Singapore

Why do I need to do Online Marketing?

One Key benefit of using Online Marketing for your business is the fact that you can measure and predict your sales performance by analyzing on whether your marketing campaign is successful and a comparison between your lead generation and sales conversion during and after the campaign.

Other benefits including better visibility your brand, products or services and opportunities to tap into the unexplored segment of the market and reach out to more potential customers using online channels that is mainly based on emails, search engine and social media platforms.

A Good Online Marketing strategy not only helps to improve local presence in the market as popular search engines like Google will use the company’s website IP address to detect the company’s address to provide local results when consumers are performing a Google search for a particular product or service. Other benefits like increase in Authority with high page ranking results and higher quality of organic traffic to your website not only boost your company’s brand credibility, it also means more engagement from potential customers whom have visited your website and better sales conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is Online Marketing expensive in Singapore?

Although there are many methods and techniques to do online marketing, the cost factor will depend on the individual’s business goals and what they want to achieve. Most companies in Singapore will rather hired a third-party company that is expert in Online Marketing instead of a very experience digital marketer as they deem it to be more cost effective and time efficient. 

Since 2017, Sotavento Medios has help many of our clients to achieve success both in branding and sales conversion and also constantly advice our client’s on how to improve their business in the
competitive market to gain a better edge in the highly competitive market.

Give us a call and let us show you how Digital Marketing can grow your business.

What are the Online Marketing Strategies available in Singapore?

There are quite several strategies and techniques that is available and offered by many Digital
Marketing Agencies in Singapore. Under Sotavento Medios, we have researched the market and offer these services to our clients as these are highly in demand by most companies in the local market and proves to be efficient and effective in boosting the brand awareness and revenue generation for our client.

Why should I do Online Marketing for my Website?

Online marketing is important for your website because it not only helps to get your website to be found online, it also change the perception on how the potential customer view your business. If your website has high rankings in the search engine results pages and industry authorities.

It will not only help to boost your credibility in your company’s reputation, better trust in your service or products which in turns helps to build a positive branding, better customer loyalty and most important of all. Higher sales conversions and more revenue to your business.