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Principles of SEO Writing.

What are the principles of SEO writing? It is to write a relevant topic based on your understanding and describes the topic in details online which at the same time helps to boost your page ranking for your website,

It can be referred to your company’s products and services that you want to post it online to capture potential customers and boost your company’s SERP (Search Engines Results Page) at the same time.

For example, the “how to cook like a chef” article can be found on the “Cooking” web page within their website. Or it can be a general topic that you have a good understanding of and will like to share with everyone online. As there are many related articles that give you good information on the principles of SEO writing.

I will share with you my thoughts and understanding of what SEO writing is really about and the basic principles of it.

First, you must understand the importance of keywords and how it will affect your content and SEO ranking. Using the right keywords for the content but you must also understand the relevance to the topics as part of effective SEO.

High-quality content is important but one must take note of how you use the keywords that is related to the topics. Never overuse the keywords in the content as Google or other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing might be penalized your content instead of boosting the rank.

Focus on the content that is relevant to the topic, elaborate the topic in detail and include the relevant keywords (long-tail if possible) and definitely improve the quality of your content. Choosing the correct title for the content will also help to capture the audience’s attention and interest.

It will also entice them to read further which will increase the chance to buy your products or services when they view your company’s website. In short, choosing the right title will sell your product or services. Unknown to many people, Using a good title for your content will play a big part in SEO.

Using Google as an example, Google will check and do a detailed comparison to determine the relevance of your content via the title to the search queries. Do note that over-optimizing the keywords might not increase the SEO ranking as Google will give end-users several references to the related topics when they input the keywords on the search engine.

Most SEO writers I have come across will always emphasize the quality of the content rather than quantity, I do agree with them but if their content is not shared easily via social media such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. It will reduce the SERP for your content when you post it online.

So far most of the successful SEO contents I’ve come across include internal and external links which user can click on the links to redirect to other relevant web pages or websites depending on the writer. Other useful tools such as Anchor text, ALT tags, and header tags also plays a big part in SEO writing.

Good SEO content will include relevant images with a clear description, this will not only provide the readers with a better understanding but will also keep their interest in the content longer. And results will show that the longer the content, the better the search engine ranks.

Reason? Because more content will provide Google with more materials to analyze and a better selection of keywords which in turn will increase your SEO ranking.In the long run, your SEO content will provide more information and value than your competitors.

One of the principles of SEO writing is content freshness. Writers who update their content on the regular basis will stand a better chance to be rank by Google as research shows that Google prefers newer content to older materials as part of their SEO algorithm.

Reason again? Google will assume that the latest content will be more accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to that particular topic. Even though sometimes this assumption may not be true but understanding how the Google algorithm works. One can only constantly refresh his or her content to keep up with the trend.

However, you must take note that refreshing or updating the content is only applicable for certain topics that is constantly evolving and go on a fast pact such as IT or fashion-related topics.

In summary, understanding the principles of SEO writing is one thing, applying it effectively and efficiently will take not only long hours of practice, dedication, and determination. A good SEO writer must have a good understanding of how Google and other search engines such Yahoo and Bing rank your content.