How Corporate video benefits your business

February 6, 2018

One thing I do understand and can share with you confidently about corporate video is that corporate video is a long standing traditional way of communication which companies will usually broadcast to their clients, investors or internal staff for various reasons.

The content is usually done in the audio-visual format and the main function is to give information or promote the company’s brand.

Before the internet era, most companies has already use corporate videos to promote their core values, training for new employees, showcase their product or services to prospective clients during the meeting and much more.

But thanks to the invention of search engine, social media and youtube, a lot of companies have innovate and use their corporate videos to promote online to general public as it will reach a larger audience without any boundaries.

But this means that producing a corporate video is more demanding and challenging in all aspects than before.

This is unlike commercials or advertisements which is rather straight forward as all you need is a good concept or story and hired some celebrities to promote the company’s product or brand.

Depending on the requirements, a successful corporate video will need to present the company in a positive and professional manner as it will reflect the image of the company.

Thus most of the corporate videos are tag to the company’s website for clients and potential customers to view.

Which is good to boost the page ranking of the website in the search engine if the videos are optimized well for SEO purpose.

One of the major benefits for using corporate videos is that there’s not time restriction as compared to commercials and advertisements which is normally between 30 seconds to 1 min.

The other benefits is that it is much cheaper to use corporate videos as business owners can go in depth to explain their products or services

And most of the time they will hire their internal employee as the speaker which definitely looks more convincing and logical to viewers.

In retrospect, people are always more compelling to purchase products or services from those particular brands after watching the video and testimonials of the employees or customers who will carefully and meticulously explain the benefits of their company’s product or service.

This is the reason why so many business owners has adopt the many benefits to produce corporate videos for their brand as it is more flexible and yields better results than commercials or advertisements.

However, I will need to emphasize that business owners must have the clear concept of before he or she wants to do a video for corporate usage.

Examples like product training videos, videos that talks about the company’s history and core values, videos that discuss on relevant topics that is related to the company or videos that involves customer testimonial on the company’s brand are good examples of how the corporate video shall be.

I will said that if you as the business owner are keen to produce a good corporate videos.

It’s best to engage on professional Video production firm that is experience in doing corporate video and easily understands your requirement to get the best results.

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