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The Benefits of Engaging an SEO Services Company for Your Business

You have to admit the fact that there are times your company will have limited time, resources, and manpower to handle the SEO campaigns. This is especially true for the marketing department which one of their “Hate List” is spending additional time to run and monitor an SEO campaign over and over again.

Which they will rather use this time to run their own marketing project and tried to get more clients or investors for the SEO services company. Even if you have hired an employee who is specializing in digital marketing. You might feel that it’s a heavy investment as all he or she needs to do is to run SEO and SEM campaigns, writing content introducing your company’s products services on a monthly basis, and include some articles for blogs as part of the SEO page ranking.

About The SEO Services in Singapore

For small business owners, doing SEO services to improve your page ranking and social media marketing will definitely take a lot of time and effort just to maintain your website’s page ranking in the search engine. This will become a tremendous task for you given your busy schedules and limited time. You can trust me on this as I have been there and done that which at the end of the day, I will only have a luxury of four hours of sleep every day.

If this is the situation you are facing now, it’s time for you to engage and hired a professional SEO compa-ny to share your burden. One of the main advantages of hiring an SEO company to handle your SEO cam-paign is that these companies are very specialized in digital marketing and they understand the ongoing trend of the search engine’s algorithm which may or may not affects your website’s page ranking and other related factors.

Also entrusting these companies to handle your SEO campaigns will free up a lot of time for you or your employees to focus on the core aspect of your business. But I will need to strongly advise you to at least get a basic understanding of what is SEO and the process so you will be able to choose the right SEO Company to run your SEO campaign, increasing your brand’s awareness and get better sales conversions.

Never engage an SEO company who claimed that they can give you instant results and they are able to boost your page ranking in a very short period of time. The reason is simple, SEO page ranking is a gradual process and if you do it correctly you will see your website’s page ranking rise gradually and naturally. This is what we call the “white hat” SEO technique.

SEO Services Technique!

SEO “White Hat” technique is the correct process that follows the search engine’s guidelines to improve the page ranking of the website which will not be penalized. Whereas SEO “black hat” technique is the exact opposite which your website may get into the first-page ranking in a very short time and you may even get a lot of potential clients that call in to inquire about our company’s products or SEO services.

But the results will be short-lived as the moment the search engine such as Google found out that your company is using the SEO “black hat” technique to get the top ranking. Google will penalize you heavily and even ban your website from being listed in the search engine. Do note that this will also apply to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

One of the main reasons why I work for Sotavento Medios as this is a company that never believes in quick results for our client’s internet marketing campaigns we are the only company that dares to guarantee and show our clients at least a 35% savings to your cur-rent spending in real-time access to your current advertising account.

Why Choose us for SEO Service in Singapore?

Sotavento Medios Competitors
SEO Hands On SEO done by Singaporeans
with white hat methods
SEO done by outsource
with black hat methods
SEO Ranking and Performance Reporting Daily SEO Rankings Report Monthly
Certified by Google Partner Certified Google Partner None
SEO Keyword Package
100 Keywords onwards 25 Keywords Maximum
SEO Results
Rank #1 and first page of
Google Search for SEO Keywords
Unable to rankto the first page
of the search engine.
SEO Optimisation 100% of our campaigns are
done locally (Singapore)
Outsourced to other countries
SEO Strategy Focus on Content Marketing
and High Authority Link Building
on a 16 tier link building strategy
Focus on Keyword Spamming
in website Meta Headers
On-Page SEO Comprehensive Optimisation  Basic Optimisation
Off-Page SEO Quality Link Building (High DA) 16 Tier  Private Blog Network (PBN)
with low DA 3 tuer
Local SEO Inclusive in SEO Packages  Not Included
Technical SEO Inclusive in SEO Packages  Not Included
SEO Content
Update advisory
Inclusive in SEO Packages  Not Provided
Type of SEO Performed Desktop SEO + Mobile SEO  Desktop SEO Only
Ease of Communications Uses Social Apps like
What’s App Messenger and Emails 
Only by Emails

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