Sotavento Medios is a software development house specializes in customized software solutions for business needs. We help our customers by understanding their needs to improve the productivity of their daily workflow and build a customized solution around it.

Our team of developers have more than 10 years of experience in software development and we customize proprietary software such as account software and customer relationship management software to the functions exactly how the customer wants.

Another arm of Sotavento Medios is providing internet marketing services to our customers. We provide a technique which guarantees top rankings on search engines in their targeted geographic also known as search engine optimization.

Internet marketing services include Search Engine Marketing, we dare and are proud to say out to our competitors that we are the best in managing any search campaigns. We are the only company who dare to and guarantee to show customers at least a 35% savings to their current spending in real time access to their current advertising account.

With the direction and mission by the founder of Sotavento Medios, we are able to grow fast and bring our business to the next level in a short period of time.

It all began in 1998 when founder Jeremy Lee was doing freelance jobs for companies in servers and computer maintenance. This has grown interest in Jeremy as the direction he would like to plan for his path.

At the age of 22, Jeremy started an internet marketing agency known as E-Clicks Marketing which was then one of the first few who offered SEO services and Virtual Assistant service. It was tough then for Jeremy where the trend then was still in print media and nobody ever believes that internet marketing will be the trend. His company grew to a success and was sold in 2006 to an Australian who took over the company brand and portfolio making it its own.

In the past 10 years, Jeremy has headed 3 companies in software development and Internet Marketing being Reach Media Pte Ltd and Bronze Media llp. Reach Media focus was on customized software development who also expanded its assets and team from Singapore to across Asia into India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Jeremy which sells readymade business productivity software solutions in a box but was later acquired by Reach Media to have it focus and all within one single brand.

Thou the years has past, Jeremy kept himself up to date and is regularly attending courses and conducting webinars and training to private institutions on marketing trends and to make use of software as a tool to enhance and improve daily business flow.