Do you need Corporate video for your business?

February 6, 2018

This can be a tricky question for some business owners who has to decide if it’s worth their time and investment to create a corporate video to showcase their product or services. Especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that have constraint budget to produce a corporate video which will cost them thousands of dollars onwards.

But on the other hand, producing a corporate video is beneficial to business and you have quite a few selections to choose from. Corporate videos that are common are videos that talks about the company profile and is usually presented by the founder or CEO of the company to talk about their company.

Broadcast commercials is usually shown on televisions but is usually very expensive to produce. On the plus side, the ROIs (Return Of Investments) are good as it can promote fast and attract huge crowds easily.

Online commercials normally use social media as the platform to promote their business which is much cheaper than broadcast commercials and it’s a very popular marketing tool among small business. Industrial videos that is informative and is usually very specific within the same industry which is quite effective in promote your company’s product or service to your clients.

Promotional videos are quite similar to online commercials but it comes with an additional feature as CDs or DVDs that is packaged together with the product. Customer testimonial is one of the most popular corporate videos that involves customers whom have purchased and give positive reviews on the company’s product or service.

Internal communication is the kind of corporate video that only convey information and message to internal staff, vendors or clients. Staff training videos are usually used by companies that has many branches within the country or around the world.

Recruitment videos is usually use in conjunction with the online classified advertisements on the employment website and is useful to attract suitable job talents to employ. Conference or seminar videos are similar to event videos with the exception that it is normally not broadcast via television and it has no time constraint or any censorship involved as compared to event videos that goes live or recorded broadcasting.

Conference or seminar videos allows participants to watch the presentation online within attending the event themselves which is useful for those people that is staying abroad. Event documentation videos works like a documentary that showcase the history of the company and their success story.

It is normally promote via social media which viewers will click on your website to view the videos. These are the common types of corporate video which you can research further online for more examples.

From my experience with friends whom are business owners, they are willing to spend a significant amount of time and money to ensure that the corporate videos they made are worth the investment and gain high returns to their profit.

It will really depends on the nature of your business and industry to determine if doing a corporate video will help to enhance your branding and boost sales. But most will agree that having a short corporate videos in their website has increase the viewership as it helps visitors to have a better understanding on what kind of products or services they are selling.

Which at the same time can boost their site’s ranking in the search engine as it is part of the SEO process.

All in all, I will say that doing a corporate video is a good investment which you will eventually need to choose a suitable type of videos not only to promote your products and services but also to increase your brand awareness in a long run.

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