The 10 things you need to know about SEO Writing.

March 26, 2018

Below is the bullet points which you can use as guideline to know about SEO writing.

Good SEO content are essential for SEO ranking and it gives credibility for my company’s products and services.

How the content shall make sense and sounds relevant for your business.

Audiences – how my content capture the reader’s attention.
Headings – how the heading of the content attract readers online
Word limits – Too long or too short?
Content – Tone and language, 2 important factors not to ignore
How to write contents that attracts reader like flowers to bees?
Proofreading – a must do habit after the content is written.

How to write great content to attract new clients and give information to existing clients at the same time.
The contents must be include knowledge about your company’s product or services that any potential clients will be interested and want to know further.

Learn to create a “catchy” but professional header which is also informative but concise.
This will grab the client’s attention and increase the chances to view and understand what my company offer.
Give example of a web content that comes with catchy headers.

Keyword research – why is it important for companies, clients and SEO at the same time.
It gives vital information to both readers and search engines at the same time.
Word limits for the SEO writing – preference will be 475 – 500 words for web based content and 300 – 350 words for blogs

Always cover the key points in the content via simple but yet precise description.
And make a mental note that not all readers are the same experts as the writer.
Understanding the technics to write in a professional but not too technical.
Avoid the overuse of technical or business jargons and acronyms that may easily confuse the majority of the readers.
How to engage the readers to read on your SEO content while providing vital information at the same time.
Also to give example to get the viewer to understand your thoughts.

It is Important that one must include all the relevant knowledge that not only promotes my company’s products and services and how I can help my potential clients to grow their business and settle their issue.

After finishing the 1st draft of the SEO content, always develop a good habit to check that all the keywords are covered the information is correct, accurate and relevant to my company’s product or services.

This is vital step as it will ensure that your efforts to write a good SEO content are not wasted.
Proofreading – last but not least, one shall always have a habit of proofreading to ensure the all the grammars are correct and even do some adjustments to make the content more attractive to readers.

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