What is Google HummingBird?

May 31, 2018

Google Hummingbird is the new algorithm that is a complete overhaul as compared to the Panda and Penguin updates which are released as add-ons to the Google’s existing algorithm, While many of the pre-existing components in the core algorithm remained the same, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is focusing more to understand the intention of the searchers’ queries in the search engine and to gather the necessary data and give the searchers more relevant results accordingly.

Which means that Hummingbird is paying more attention to every word in a search query to ensure that the whole query aka the structure of the whole sentence is taken into account. This means that the search engine will match the meaning of the query and give more relevant results rather than giving the best matching based on the words in the search query. This means that  Google Hummingbird is mainly designed to apply the meaning technology to billions of pages on the internet globally to bring better search results as compared to the previous algorithm.

Also to note that while the previous algorithm updates such as Penguin or Panda will indirectly cause the loss of traffic and rankings, Hummingbird did not have such negative results on the web itself but instead create a positive influence on the accuracy of Google’s knowledge graph.

But even with the best algorithm that is installed by Google or other search engine, companies SEO ranking will still be affected badly in terms of the ranking if they use any Blackhat software for their SEO campaign and sometimes their site will be banned from the search engine. Whereas White hat software is the opposite and it can help the site owner to increase their presence and the page ranking.

Thus it is important to know the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO and why White Hat SEO tactics are still the best practice to use for SEO campaign in 2018.

By see the difference and the importance of using White Hat as SEO practice, the site owner will be ensured that their brand is protected, increase in their domain authority and getting more traffic to their website over time.

White Hat SEO is the tactic that uses search engine optimization techniques approve by Google to boost the SEO ranking of the website. The advantages of using White Hat SEO is that it makes the site easy to navigate, increasing the speed of the webpage loading time, using related keywords to optimize the website’s content, using backlinks from other high-quality websites to link to the website’s content and much more. This means that the White Hat SEO primarily focusing on the searchers more than the search engine’s requirements and usually takes a longer time to fully optimize the results.

For Black Hat SEO, it is the method that use shortcuts and hacks to “cheat” the search engines and exploit any possible weaknesses in the cheat engine’s algorithms. A few good examples of the Black Hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, automated comment spam, content scraping, cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages and so on. Blackhat SEO techniques are geared towards search bots as the priority rather than the human readers and it is important to know that using Black Hat SEO strategy will carry a high risk of being penalized by Google which is a long run will result in the site to get banned and excluded from the search results altogether.

Nowadays, there are more and more companies that understand the benefits of using SEO to bring more revenue to their business via search engines. This means the competition to compete for the first page ranking in the search engine will be more challenging than before. Thus most companies have to hire SEO companies that are experienced, reliable and able to give positive results of the SEO ranking to their client.

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