Why is content important in SEO?

September 25, 2018

There was a time where it is possible to increase the SEO rankings for your website by inserting as many keywords as possible in the content. Some will go to the extent by cramming their websites with popular but irrelevant keywords. While this may be a good strategy to display advertisements on the site, the frequency of the visitor reviewing the site again is usually very low.

Nowadays, many business owners are getting smarter when it comes to optimizing their websites in the search engine so as to get better traffic and attract more visitors to their site.

By using the right content marketing strategy, it increases the probability of repeated business as visitors will keep returning to the site for more purchase.

While the term “Content is King” often means that it is the content that attracts visitors to the website more than the products or services offered on the site. Most will face challenges in writing a good content that is well optimized in SEO and will hire industry experts or professional SEO agency like Sotaventomedios to assist them in writing good SEO contents.

When it comes to writing a good web content, it is important to understand how the quality and quantity of the content can affect the SEO ranking of the site. The requirement to write quality content is to ensure that the content is well written, informative, interesting, have relevant keywords and not typo mistakes in the content. On the other hand, writing quantity content means that the website must be updated with new contents on a regular basis. This will attract repeat visitors who are genuinely interested in your website and also increase the chances to purchase any products or services online.

The next thing to highlight is the power of social media that can easily affect the SEO ranking of the website. If utilized well, social media can reinforce the brand’s image and become a vital source of the network to spread the positive reviews and comments to potential customers and convince them that the company is trustworthy and reliable. But ultimately one must ensure that the site has good contents to start with to gain a strong foundation in content marketing and good SEO ranking for the website.

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