Why must we index our backlinks build after SEO?

October 15, 2018

In the world of Search engine optimization (SEO in short), there are many ways for marketers and business owners to run their SEO campaign using methods like content marketing, social media marketing, website localization, link building, backlink indexing and so on. This article will discuss the importance of link indexing and the reason why must we index our backlinks during our SEO campaign.

The ultimate purpose of doing SEO is to rank their website on the 1st page and increase their presence online to get more traffic to their website. One of the best way to achieve good page ranking results or SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is backlink indexing.

Backlink indexing is when the website owner wishes to improve the SEO value while they created a link from their website. By indexing the link, it will generate signals to be detected by the search engines based on the page ranking portion of the algorithm that will show up more often in the organic searches and drive traffic to the targeted website. The concept is also part of the link building process that helps to strengthen the website’s SEO position in the page ranking and the targeted keywords in the search engine.

To get a better understanding and the importance of backlink indexing, I have listed down a few reasons as shown below.

  1. Backlinks are important as it is how search engines like Google or Yahoo find new web pages via the links. For example, when a backlink is an index successfully, search engines like Google will use its spiders to search, crawl and index the web pages on the related website.

This means that more people will be able to discover your website and that leads to higher page rankings and faster indexing at the same time. Depending on the volume and the quality of the backlinks to be indexed, it may take the site owner between four till six months to be fully effective.

  1. Backlinks can easily boost the credibility of the company’s online reputation. This is easily achieved as long as the backlinks are relevant to the website’s content as determined by the search engine and will increase its SEO value. On the other hand, irrelevant backlinks will not only hurt the website’s SEO rankings but risking the possibility to be penalized by the search engine.
  2. Backlink is a type of management tool that is used by the search engines like Google to manage the targeted website’s online reputation by directing people to the most related results based on their keywords queries, especially to popular websites that have a strong reputation. Simply said, the more relevant backlinks in the website, the more trusted they are.
  3. Backlinks indexing can help to drive more traffic to the targeted website that is trustworthy and offers value to people who are searching for related information in the search engine.

This also means that there is no restriction on which platform the searcher finds the link. As long as the site trusted and the backlink is relevant, the referral traffic will increase when the backlink is clicked by the searcher and directs him or her to the website straight away.

Thus it is important to know the do’s and don’ts of indexing the backlinks in the link building strategy to get the best page rankings, more traffic to your site and better reputation online. To get more assistance and backlink indexing, feel free to contact Sotavento Medios and we will help you to achieve the most desired results in SEO rankings for your site.

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