Be a Leader in your Business with Google Ads & SEO

July 9, 2020

If you are on this page it means that you have found us based on a keyword in the search engine’s result pages. This is in the organic search results of Google. That is what SEO Means. In Simple terms SEO actually means, being found on the organic results on the first page of Google. Well, at least that is the final goal of what SEO Services rendered are for.

Imagine that you can achieve unlimited traffic to your business website from around the world and the amount of free targeted traffic to look at your brand and products and convert them into sales. When it comes to SEO, there is no restriction for impressions or clicks or high cost as compared to running Google Ads.

Google Ads, similar to all ads available in the market is expensive. They charge you based on a per-click basis and the average cost per click is calculated at 0.002% of the highest-selling item price in your menu. For example, if you are dealing in business services like accounting services in Singapore. To bid for this keyword. It will cost you an estimate of at least 0.002% X $1500 (the highest cost for accountancy services in Singapore) which is $3. And that’s just for 1 click and no guarantee conversion to sales.

Price of Google ads not set by me but by google, see the results extracted from Google Keyword Tool

Now its my favorite, Mathematics time.

Take 100 keywords and X the max cost of Clicks will be $300 per day. Not convinced, how about say its well-optimized to just $50 a day and spending only $50 a day. That might sound like a plan, right? It’s no different from hiring a part time digital marketeer in Singapore with that amount.

But why do we need so many keywords? The reason is that everyone has a different searching pattern online and if you notice, each time you search online for a word in a different combination, you get different results both in the ads and in the SEO organic results.

Conclusion – SEO is still better and cheaper.

At Sotavento Medios, Our SEO Services Package in Singapore is standard and we offer a 100 keyword SEO Package for all companies. This 100 keywords SEO Price is only $800 a month for unlimited targeted traffic to your website and we offer you daily SEO reports

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