What is the Difference between SEO for Desktop and SEO for Mobile?

August 24, 2020

What is the Difference between SEO for Desktop and SEO for Mobile.

Is there really a difference? For example, if you were to google it on the desktop and on portable devices like mobile or tables. The organic search results will be different. In the recent google search console, we can see that there is optimization for Desktop and SEO for Mobile.

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So why do we need to do SEO for both separate Desktop and Mobile? There are several types of customers who search online through mobile and on the desktop for office workers. We do not want to lose out on any potential customers and thus search engine optimization works need to be done on both versions. I guess this is also google another method of making it more challenging for seo agencies to optimize.

Is there any difference in the way the seo service is being done for SEO for Desktop and SEO for Mobile? The methods are basically pretty similar where the best practice still remains for the page must be fully optimized and the link building methods must be of authority links. But it will be an extra advantage to rank the site higher if the links are built on pure mobile sites or mobile versions of the sites and linking to your website. I am not referring to responsive websites but mobile sites that are native by nature.

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