Basics of SEO Service with Meta Titles and Meta Description

What is a Meta Title and What is a Meta Description.?

When we search online on search engines like Google and the results come with a title, this title is known as the meta title and the description below is the meta description. It is important to give each page a unique title and a unique description.

Think about it like reading a book on the content page, if every page has the same title then the book will not be of any interest to you. The title has to be catchy and needs to be enticing. It is because of these enticing titles that make people take a second look. Clicking on the link is free but nowadays people tend to read first even before making a selection.

Sames goes for the description of the page, give the page a good description with your keywords to the front of the page.

The Do Nots.

DO not stuff the title with spammy keywords for SEO purposes and do not stuff the pages with spammy keywords just to rank your website higher. Below is a sample of lousy SEO methods done in a black hat way that is not advisable and looks like rubbish to the user. You may have a high ranking for it but you definitely will not get high conversion.

In Fact, Make the titles unique and Catchy

So for example if you are promoting Treatment for Hair Loss

Common SEO Practitioners will recommend you to put in like

Example of Do Nots Title: Hair Loss | Hair Loss Treatment | Treatment for Hair loss

But instead you should do it like below

Example of Good Title: Treatment for Hair Loss for Effective Results

Notice how the title is not spammy and catchy and what the people wants to know.

Next comes the meta description: We know the keyword is Treatment for Hair Loss.

Example of Do Nots Description: Hair loss treatment, treatment for hair loss, treat hair loss, hair loss treatment Singapore, how to treat hair loss…

Example of Good Description:  Want to Treat your Hair Loss Problems today? Consult our Specialist today for an effective hair loss treatment. The Hair Loss Specialist you will ever need.

Notice the above description is natural and with a conversion. Descriptions have to be enticing to the people so start tweaking your website now not for the purpose of just good SEO results, but also for the best conversions when your SEO rankings move up. This will definitely increase your sales.

What is the limitation of the Meta Title and Meta Description

The Only limitation is the characters including spaces. A Meta title is not more than 60 Characters and a Meta Description is recommended to be between 150 to 160 characters.

What happens if I exceed the characters limitation?

In the results in search engines, the words which are too long will be replaced by … (three dots) where anything thereafter is not effective and not seen by the people who search for your keyword.

Is Grammar important in these Meta Titles and Meta Description

Grammar is not so important in these as it’s not for a white paper but it should be in the native language in which your page is written in. The only thing to take note is the punctuation marks, a maximum of 1 punctuation in the title and a maximum of 3 punctuations in the description.

What is the Best way to highlight a Page?

The best way I will say is to use special symbols but do not use any punctuation in the first sentence. For example. Using &#11088, and it will show up a Star Symbol ⭐

So For example with the above and typing will be like this example below

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