Web Development Vs Web Design, is there a difference?

November 18, 2020
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Web Design, Website Design, be it what you called it. It actually means the design part of a website. A website design project does not entail the development part of the website. If you are looking for a creative and fancy looking website design, you should look for a website designer.

In most cases of companies now, website design is of little importance, and especially with the usage of themes for web design. Website design themes are common in the current trend of the year 2020/ 2021 and will be a common trend in the next few years to come.

Many companies turn to use website themes over the engaging the high cost of a website designer in Singapore is because every website actually looks the same if you pay close attention. It’s only the colors, fonts, images, and content that makes the site have its own identity.

Website development aka web development Singapore on the other hand focus on the back end engine of the website. A web development project is often needed by companies as the importance of the website is the structure, security, stability of the site, and not so much of the design elements.

Think about it as similar to an office environment in a company. Which is more important to you. Have a well and modern renovated office (website design) or having a good system, good team support, advanced technologies and equipment, and chances of possible growth in the organization. (web development)

Yes, there is a possibility of integrating a creative and nice website design to good and powerful website development but the cost is separate. At Sotavento Medios, we specialize in both but our core in this aspect is web development where customers can safely rely on to have their website build with immense security features and all the latest technologies to be future proof.

Our pricing for web development in Singapore is highly competitive and we dare to say that our price is one of the cheapest in Singapore.

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