Rank any Keyword on Google in under 120 Days

January 29, 2021

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Rank any keyword on Google in just 120 days or less. This is possible with our open secret. Regardless of the competition level. The completion level is also known as the SERPs. Or Search Engine Results Pages. This Serps is found under the search box in Google.
When you google for a keyword or phrase. Often you will see the below example of a SERP result

in this example above screenshot, you can see the keyword “Live Streaming Service” has a SERP competition level of 1,060,000,000. This means you are actually competing for a space in the top 10 results pages of Google. Many SEO agencies, will tell you that this is impossible or will take years to achieve such results. But with our method of doing it. We can actually do it for you in less than 120 days.
Scroll down to the organic results, which means avoiding those with the words Ads by the side of it and you will see in the1st Position is

click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You can see in the page is hardly updated and there is not much new content, blog post on the page. But we will get to that on another article on why new blog content is not necessary although the many SEO experts preached about it.

Our methods of SEO is really simple but it takes a lot of man-hours to achieve the results and that’s why many SEO Company in Singapore are too lazy to perform this duty.

Many SEO Companies in Singapore like us have a database of websites for which we do link building. Yes, it all boils down to link building and I am sure you have heard of this several times. But our method of link building is doing tier link building.

We perform a 16 to 32 tier link building process which is natural in the eyes of Google Search Algorithm and is definitely safe and long-lasting results.

So what exactly is this 16 tier link building process and how much times does it take?

SO let’s say an example each of the processes below is a tier

  1. Creating Profiles
  2. Article Directories
  3. Article Websites
  4. Blogs Web 2.0 Sites
  5. Wiki Sites
  6. Forums Profiles
  7. Social Book Marking
  8. Social Likes and Shares
  9. Guest Posting

Each of the above is a tier. And we will link 16 tiers to your website and even up to 32 tiers for even higher competition keywords with our database of 5000 websites to your business website.

But its not just simply putting your website link in each of it. It takes a lot of strategy and planning. Lets go in to a higher level of explanation.

For example, you first create a Profile. And this profile is linking to your website. The profile itself also contains a website address which could be something like www.forumprofile.com.sguserwebsiteownername and you post an article in one of the article directories. In the article directory, you will be posting the links of your profiles and not your main website. This way of linking is to call a 2 tier link building. And in the article directory posting there will also be a website URL for example it could be like www.articledirectory.com.sg/category-name/blog-post-name
and this link we put in the next link building we do which is the blog sites. And in the blog post, we put the link to the directory post which you have done earlier.

Still there? Well, this method is called a multi tier link building process and it’s already a 3 tier link building. So imaging having to do this 16 times takes a lot of time and planning and we repeatedly do this for each of your keywords. So in terms of Google, you are the “best” as many of them link to you.

It’s like in our lives where we refer someone business.
SO in the lifestyle example, your colleague recommends her husband for a particular service. But her husband further recommends his friend. And that friend further recommends you the company. So in this chain of recommendations, the one at the top of the chain is of the highest credit ratings. So to Google, this works the same.

We build for your links on 16 to 32 tier links with related content, related websites and all this site does is a link to you. Our links are permanent and they will always be there. The reason for this long process is because we understand that SEO is not something magical with a wave of the wand and it happens. It takes time for it to happen and with our tier link building process. It takes a lot of strategies and to perform our SEO Package in Singapore.

Fun Fact, do you know that Sotavento Medios offers an SEO Package of 100 keywords at only $880 Singapore Dollars a month and we offer you ranking reports sent to your email daily 365 days a year.
We are committed to serving you better and also take pride in our SEO Services which we provide as this is a skill, strategy, and patience in doing the link building.

If you want to achieve top rankings for your website and want to be on the first page of Google, Start your successful SEO journey with Sotavento Medios today.

Disclaimer: Be prepared to have a high influx of web traffic, inquiries, and phone calls once you engage our SEO services.


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