Free SEO Guide for Beginners 2021

March 12, 2021
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If you are looking for a SEO guide for your website you have come to the right place. In this SEO guide you will find detailed information on how to fully do onsite optimization and how to ensure that your website is well optimized to beat the competition.

First things, always have a plan, get if your website is an existing website, you might need to change some content on it. If you are building a website from scratch or revamping your website, this free SEO guide is the best place to start learning about search engine optimization.

Titles and Meta Tags

Every page should have a unique title that entice the user to click on it. A title is the topic of the page which you want the users to see when they google your SEO keywords in the search engine. Try to have your keywords in the title tag of it. For example if you are doing Free SEO Guide Book and this happen to be one of your keywords, then the title tag should be something like. Free SEO Guide Book for Beginners, or like Best Free SEO Guide 2021. Something catchy which makes the user want to click on the link and give you organic traffic.

Do not use topics which are common as you need to put yourself in the shoes of the user. If you were to search for a keyword online and find that every title is about the same, this will make the user skip your search results and you might lose potential sales or traffic to the website.

Meta Tags, also known as Meta Description is the paragraph of description of the page. Like a short brief introduction to what the page is about. Again, you need to have your keyword in it. This will give an additional boost to the search engines for relevancy of the page. An example of how to write a good Meta Description based on this same example is:

Meta Description, Free SEO Guide for Beginners 2021. Learn all you need to know on how to rank your website on page 1 of Search Engine Results Pages Fast and Easy.

If you have a website developer working for you, he will know how to do it, if you are doing this on your own, there are free tools which you can use to add this in.

Most websites uses WordPress for their website development, For WordPress we will recommend the plugin Yoast SEO which you could download and install the free edition from

If you are doing a website based on a webpage builder or doing coding on your own, you can use the free meta generator from

Page Content and Structure

Page content is also very important in the website. Knowledge is important to everyone especially those who are looking for information online and if you are promoting your products and services. Even if you are a reseller or doing affiliate marketing of some one else products or services. It is important to have good original content.

Do not use content copied from someone else website or the content provided by the supplier, this will do no good for your website SEO and will infect damage your website rankings possibilities.

No body like plagiarism, duplicate content, don’t you think it is boring and useless to have to go to every website to read the same thing over and over again. What’s the purpose of it. The user will not be interested in reading something which is repeating on every website. Its like a story book, not every story book begins with Once Upon a Time and not every fairy Tales ends with They end happily ever after. You get the point?

If you do not know what to write about on your content or blog, you can hire our Blog Content Writing Service and have us write original content for you. Or you can be creative in writing your own content. There is no right or wrong way in writing a content.

Style of Writing a Content

Style is important, some companies want only professional ways of writing, especially those in the education, health and legal industry but they have misunderstood the purpose of search engine optimization. If you are writing a content for the website for conversions, make sure your content is of simple English and easy for anyone and everyone to understand. Do not use those complicated words or jargons which only industrial players would understand. It is ok to have one or two of such words in each page of the content but not in every single paragraph. The user will get bored and it is no difference from reading a Wikipedia.

Yes Wikipedia ranks high but that’s for some other reasons, You too can rank high even without writing the Wikipedia style and get conversions.

Inter Link Building and Breadcrumbs

This is very important and many users tend to forget this important step when they are building the website. Interlink building is linking your website across each other. For example you have a post on Free SEO Guide and one of the keyword is also appearing on a different page within the same website. Link the keyword of that to the other content page of your website. This is called internal Link building, also known as inter link building. This build up relevancy to the site and also promotes cross marketing of products if you are doing E-commerce business on the website.

Breadcrumbs is a must have, it literally the little pieces of bread that leads you to the trail of the final destination. This is done with a good menu having the main page and sub pages. Be sure to have all your website pages found for in the menu of the website. This is call breadcrumbs. But not all pages needs to be in the breadcrumbs. The search engine is smart enough to detect it. Pages which can be omitted out of the breadcrumbs are the Terms of Service page and the Privacy Policy page. If you website does not collect information or is not an E-commerce website, there is no need for a terms of service or a privacy policy page.

Page URL Slug Parameters

Page URL Slug parameters are important as this is how the link will look like to the search engines. Always have your link contain the keyword you are aiming to optimize in the slug parameter. In simple terms, for example if you are offering SEO Services as one of the keyword your page SLUG URL should be something like this

and you notice the slug in this case is


Do not use slugs with numbers and jargons or generic page name.

A example of a NOT RECOMMENDED slug is


See how the slug is very generic and it contains the date and the page name is generic like page 1 , or page 2

ALT Text, Alternate Text

This is another great way and a must do for best onsite optimization. An Alt Text means an Alternate Text. This is placed behind the images coding. This is beneficial and adds as additional keywords which are hard to placed in a content writing of a website and is especially good for E-commerce websites where there is just many images and little content to write. Depending on the platform you are using like WordPress or shoplify, or even wix, there is always a section called the ALT Text.

Some Content Management Software (CMS) will call it ALT Tags, which has the same meaning and purpose. So if you are aiming for a keyword example Best Doctor in Singapore, but this cannot be place in the content of the website because its against some regulations of promotions in Singapore Guidelines, the way to go about it is having many images on the website and alt test it with the keyword in it.

Limit Keywords to a Page

Always limit the number of keywords to a page of 3 to be the best and not more than 5. It is not good to have all your keywords squeeze on a single page. Keywords of the same topic is fine but not keyword of the different topic. So for example if the focus is on SEO Guide, the keywords you could optimize should be about guide books and related keywords.

Do not associate the guidebook with other keywords like design, or other non related to the page itself. Always keep focus and plan your content writing to get the best performance for that particular page.

Indexing and Social Signals

Now the page is set up and well optimize. We need it to be index and be found for on search engines. This process is called indexing. The best way to get it indexed is to have it posted on social platforms on your Facebook page, twitter account and LinkedIn account and other social media platforms. The more you share the higher your social signals will be and the faster you will rank for this site.

Track and monitor your SEO with our daily rank tracking software. Contact us for more information.

Now you are all set to the perfect onsite optimization. Hope this Free SEO Guide is useful to you.

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