What are the responsibilities of a Singapore SEO Agency?

October 4, 2021

What are the responsibilities of a Singapore SEO Agency?

When you engage a Singapore SEO Agency, our roles are pretty much the same. We will help you with the same final objective which is ranking your website onto Google’s first page for as many keywords as possible. The scope will include tasks like keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. Some SEO agencies like us also offer a more in-depth seo service like checking on the quality of the content of the website and giving recommendations to the content enhancement of the website.

Before any real SEO work can be done for any website, the SEO agency will need to qualify the customer website first before the commencement of work. I understand that customers need to choose their vendors, but vendors also need to choose their customers, or at least qualify them if their site is suitable for SEO or not and if they are corporative to have it done.

Recently, I was engaged by a company to do SEO for them and they are in the commercial hardware business with an e-commerce web store. SEO for E-commerce websites is pretty much more difficult as compared to standard SEO for a normal corporate website. There are a few criteria that must be met as they need to meet the Google Algorithm and guidelines requirements. No SEO agency will take up the job if the website is not up to the mark or else results will be hard to guarantee.

Aspects an SEO agency looks out for before commencement work is the site’s overall performance, content, speed, and hosting provider. In any website there needs to have content, even if you are selling products with an e-commerce front you need to give your product a product description, having a part number there is not enough unless everyone knows whats the part number is. It’s not every day someone will be searching for a product by a part number, but more to say like its category or brand name. THus content on the website is very important. 

We understand content sometimes is hard to come out and lack of manpower and engaging content writers can be quite expensive now. And if you were to engage some freelancers, the quality of the work again might not be up to standard or is rubbish English. At Sotavento Medios we offer our clients the options for content writing services in our SEO service. This is entirely optional and costs only a fraction of the price to have content generate for your website for the entire year. Keeping your customers engage with your content and creating a conversion from there.

Website speed is also very important, If the website speed is slow, it means it’s a bad user experience. Google is after all about user experience. Very seldom you will see google sending you to an organic rankings website that is slow in loading or heavy in images and consumes high data. Thus website optimization is important. Speak to your developer on that for optimization. There are free tools that you can use like Google Page Speed Insights to test the speed of your website. If you are above 50 and out of the red zone, that’s good enough. If you are in the green, well done, but I believed you have paid a lot to customize the website then. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Web hosting plays another important role but I am not covering this topic, check out my other blog post on web hosting.

Ongoing SEO works and Reporting

When engaging an SEO agency, you will want to know the performance of the SEO rankings and the performance of the keywords. So we must let the customer know the performance of the SEO rankings daily. Customers will get their SEO rankings Reports EVERY DAY 365 days a year. Be it Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, or even Christmas and New Year Eve. We are committed to our work, and getting you real-time updates is our priority. This is also a measurement that we are working on every day for you. Money well spent right! Better than hiring someone internally.

So how much does SEO Service cost?

SEO services are generally not cheap and neither they are expensive. Some ruthless companies charge thousands of dollars each month for SEO works but at Sotavento Medios, our prices have been the same since day 1 of business. A 100 keywords SEO package costs only $880 a month with daily rankings reports. We also give you a free monthly audit for your website to check the performance of the website. Now that’s a deal not every SEO agency provides.

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