SEO Simplified Explanation for Newbies

August 8, 2022

Step 1 = Write a lot of Content, Step 2, Build links Step 3 Write Good Quality Content Step 4 Build More Links

Initially, we need a lot of content for Google to index and pick up the site to have some traffic to the website, the ideal Google says is 25 minimum pages but it’s good to have at least 50 pages of content. (This applies to websites and domains bought after 2020) Those domains and website built before2020 has a different algorithm.

Build Links is important, links are like a referral network, the more links you have the more referring traffic, and Google Values this traffic as the more referral links you get it builds the more trust score factor. Trust score factors are divided into 2 sections, authority links, and general Links. Imagine this, If a business was referred by 10 CEO of big organizations, as compared to 100 blue collars. Which is better? But of course, to get 10 CEO to do a recommendation or link is a lot tougher than getting 100 blue-collar recommendations. So there is diversification and spread evenly of the link-building exercise. This takes a lot of time to build the links.

Next, We have content and links, the site needs to be updated regularly with Good Quality Content as no one likes to visit any website where it’s outdated or like the last post they are reading are written a long time ago. So more good quality content is essential.

Lastly, we build more links again to these new content and the cycle repeats itself.

Similar to other forms of Marketing like Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

All need to start with content to build it, then we need to build the links (Network of friends and followers) and once the base grows, build more quality content to engage the users, and then build more network links.

Title and content are equally important.

Having good content is not only important but having a good title is more important. A Good title will bring up the searches. Take the following 3 examples 

If you were to write a book with many chapters, and if every chapter of the book has a boring title and content, the book will not be good, and hard to enter the top 10 of the bookshelves.

If you were to do an awesome video but the title is not attractive or not what people are searching for your good content is not being seen and efforts are wasted.

So our side here our roles are doing the link-building campaigns to build links and optimize the content, and titles of the website so that it gets into the top 10. Thus everything I say is mainly content for your input where the rest of the hard work will come from us.

Hope this clarifies.

But SEO is not all about just the above there are several factors that need to be added. in, some alternatives are paid to advertise but this is not a long-term solution as over time goes by the cost per click on the ads increases and you are buying traffic to the website. We all know having a lot of traffic to the website does not equal sales so if say each click cost an average of just $3, and 100 people were to visit the website each day, you need to budget $300. And this $300 might not have any conversions or maybe there might it’s hard to say. But in terms of SEO, there is no limit to the number of visitors to the website, you do not need to pay anything for traffic to the website be it 100 clicks or 10000 clicks. The long term is savings.

Other Requirements to make a successful campaign

A Good User Experience- A Good User experience will need to cover a few topics which include the website design, navigation through the website, and Website loading speed. This is easily solved if the website is user-friendly and users can navigate and find what they want on the website easily. Position yourself not as the business owner but as the user the first time entering the website. Website loading speed is also essential as nobody likes to visit a website that takes forever to load, so good web hosting is required. Do not go for those budget-shared hosting types Go for at least a Cloud-based Web hosting or a Virtual Private Server and this will increase the user experience of the website. Another thing to consider if you are delivering content and targeting out of Singapore customers is to have a CDN Service. There are many free CDN providers out there but I don’t recommend you go for free but the paid versions as this is a commercial business you are optimizing for, thus a paid version is more reliable. Like the common saying, nothing is free in this world.

Domain Age is Important and IP Address

Domain age is one factor which Google says No it does not matter but based on the search and experience, yes it matters. When purchasing a domain and especially if your website is new it’s good to always buy the maximum term of the domain life cyc. e. In General a TLD domain like a dot com you can buy up to 10 years ahead of expiry and for a CC TLD Country Coded Top Level Domain like Dot Com Dot SG you can buy 2 years in advance. Having a longer domain future life is important as it sends signals to the search engine that your website is here to stay and not that after a few months your website is not found or expired. Google does not want the user to have this experience where they click on the website and the page is no longer there or the website expired. So a long-life domain will send good signals to the search engines.

IP Address, IP Addresses are like referrals, having a good unique IP address is good for the website, If the IP address is not good, normally applies on a budget hosting type or a free CDN type, however, many efforts you put in your SEO efforts it will be a challenge. A Good IP Address is a more elite IP address that can be purchased from your hosting provider. If You targeting Singapore get a dedicated IP Address for the website.

Website Security

The next important thing is website security. Which is represented by an SSL or a padlock status to the website. Ever been to a website which at the top of the address bar shows Not Secure. This is an immediate turn-off to the users. So security is important as everyone worries about hackers, intruders, and leaks of personal information. But SSL there are many types, many companies do it wrong by getting the free version or those Open source SSL types where they can install it at no cost. To you, it’s showing the padlock, its secure, but to the eyes of the search engines, these are not secure, You will need a reliable SSL Certificate for the website to make it more secure and this will improve your rankings too in the long run and also the trust factor.

There are several more that is required for a successful campaign including the configuration and others which are more technical and you should speak to your website developer or contact me again for more information. I will be happy to share over a zoom call.

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