Predefine SEO, What is Required, What to expect, and What you Need to do. How to Measure Success.

November 30, 2022

The Purpose of the Article is to Predefine SEO, What is Required, What to expect, and What you Need to do. How to Measure Success.

Search Engine Optimization

 Domain and Domain Age

The choice of the domain is very important, if it’s a brand new domain with no history its fine, If the domain is a recycled domain meaning to say someone owns that domain previously, research is required to check that the domain is not black listed in any search engines before.

If the domain is NEW  and wants to compete with other websites whose domain age is much older, it’s a challenge. We cannot purchase history but we could purchase future age. Renewing and Extending the domain age to a maximum of 10 years is recommended. This one is to send signals to the search engine that you are not a fly-by-night business and are here to stay. 

For CC-TLD Country Coded Top Level Domain, there are restricted to just 2 years renewal only but it’s ok as CC-TLD is targeted at a local audience only and will have a higher ranking eventually locally with the below measures done correctly. But if one wants to compete on a global scale, more than 1 country, does not get a CC-TLD

reliable web hosting


The Website must be ready.

The website needs to be mobile-friendly and geared towards a mobile style.

Web Hosting

The web hosting needs to be a reliable web hosting with a good bandwidth and IP Address.

If it is on shared hosting, advise changing to a business hosting or a Virtual Private Server.

Target Audience

If the website is for a single country, then no issues.

If the website is based on E-Commerce or targeted multiple countries, a Good CDN is required.


CDN refers to a content delivery network where the website cache is stored on multiple servers for faster loading time for users from any country/ location. 

A CDN is also good for a website that is using E-commerce or expects more than 100 visitors to the website at any point in time.

Getting Prepared.

  • Identification of Keywords Category of which targets you want.
  • Keyword Research process
  • Keyword Selection Process
  • Ensuring there is enough content for each of the targeted keywords, Maximum of 5 keywords per page.

Content-Length required: 1500 words and above to be recommended, 3 to 5 images in the content

Time Line and Process

1st Month

For all the SEO the first month of On-site Optimization takes place is optimizing the website pages, titles, content structured data, image optimization, creating 404 pages, and 301 redirects, all these technologies work are done by Sotavento Medios and requires about 1 month to complete the whole on-site optimization. Full administrator access must be provided to Sotavento Medios for the website back end CMS Content Management System Example WordPress.

2nd Month onwards

2nd Month onwards is the critical part when it comes to SEO as the link-building process comes in THis process must never be stopped or paused and has to run continuously once this has started.

Why it cannot be stopped and have to run continuously?

If the process of link building is stopped, the search engine will detect that the person is trying to purposely make the ranking higher by manipulating the search engine, this is against ALL Search Engines guidelines. If in the event the campaign is paused or stopped for more than 2 weeks, a double effort is required to rank the same set of keywords, and the cost will be doubled.

Website Content Updates

The website needs to be continuously updated with an equal length of content for the blog pages, resources, or service pages regularlyThe Frequency of the updates depends on the competition the website is facing and can be Daily for lifestyle or blog content, Weekly for certain Niche targeting Consumer Business,  Monthly for Business Business 

Why must the website be updated Frequently?

The Search engines do not like outdated websites, and Neither do netizens like you and me. If we go online and search for something outdated we might exit the page immediately and not pursue further. A good potential lead is wasted. Once wasted, the user will never come back again to the website. 

So to prevent this from happening, Search Engines give a scoring system to the websites that update their content regularly on equal length the advantage. The Advantage of it gives you a headstart over the competition.

Content-Length be equal

If the website is having mostly content of 1500 words and above, every content should be of equal length and not some 600 words some 2000 words. The Search engine wants to see consistency in the content.

After SEO 3 to 4 Months

In most cases where the website owner follows the advice of Sotavento Medios, they will be able to see visible results with organic traffic to the website. 

Reports in Google Analytics

After about 4 months of SEO, we need to look at Google Analytics and look under these focus areas to see if traffic is targeted.

Google Analytics


Time Spent on site

Bounce Rate

The Country in Google Analytics is to check if the targeted traffic is coming from the desired and set targeted country of the SEO Campaign.

Time Spent on Site  Check in Google Analytics is essential for any business. If it’s a corporate website or a business services website or a blog-style website, the time spent on the site should be more than 1 minute 30 seconds. 

If the time spent on site for any of the above-listed website types is below 1 minute and 30 seconds, the Website Owner needs to look closely at the content of the website as it’s not engaging with the user the user can’t wait to exit the page.

If its an E-commerce  Website, the Time Spent on the Site is usually normal to be between 30 seconds to 1 minute, If its less than 30 seconds, it means that the content needs to improve to engage the user, Usually the description part, images, and Videos will play an important role in this for E-Commerce Websites.

E-Commerce Websites

Bounce Rate is an important factor, similar to Time Spent on Site, If the bounce rate is more than 30% for a corporate Website, Content, or website Design the issue, needs to measure against the time spent on site report. But for E-Commerce, it is common to have a bounce rate of above 70%.

Understanding the report of Sotavento Medios

Our main role in Sotavento Medios is to make sure that your keywords are ranked in the top positions of the search engines, Our report gives you a very detailed overview of the entire progress. The key focus to look at in the report is the ranking and the daily changes.

Ultimate Conclusion

l Website needs to be user-friendly and get a good user experience.

l Website must be fast loading

l Website content must be engaging with the use of images and videos on the website.

Website Content must be updated regularly.

Before You commence the Search Engine Optimization You need to answer these questions below:

Is the website ready and mobile-friendly?

Is the content engaging and will give the user a good user experience?

Is your web hosting reliable or should you make a switch?

Are you ready to commit to the update of the website or hire a content writer to write content continuously to update the website?

Identify your target audience and streamline the products and services you want to have conversion.

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