Display Ads Marketing

Display Ads Marketing

The digital advertising landscape is changing faster than ever before, and you need an edge if your brand wants to thrive in 2022.

The way people find products online has shifted dramatically due the pandemic that’s currently disrupting industries across Singapore- but this doesn’t mean competition should be emulator games! As technology progresses at breakneck speeds we cannot ignore how consumers interact with information anymore; they’re going straight for what resonates most personally from their computer screens or mobile device without looking up even once during browsing sessions (a trend called “consuming passively”).

Sotavento Medios keeps thriving in the advertising world, helping brands to succeed. We’re dedicated and we will continue doing so by providing insight on best practices for digital marketing that have been proven time and again as being successful across countries all over this beautiful planet!

What is Display Ads Marketing?

Display ads marketing refers to image advertising on selected platforms. With our proprietary technology of Eskimi DIsplay Ads Marketing. You can decide where you want your banners ads to appear. We understand that there is such thing as Google Display Ads but in the case of Google Display Ads Marketing, you cannot define where you want the ads to be, all ads under the Google Display Ads Marketing will be shown to publishers of Google across all the web. Some times you do not want to associate your ads on those spammy websites or low quality websites.

How does our Eskimi Display Ads Marketing Work?

We all know that without traffic, there can be no business. That’s why we work hard at getting the best quality of visitors for your website by using our proprietary display ads marketing service

With this tool, you decide where and when they should appear on a webpage – for an example only showing Singapore websites if someone is searching “Singapore attractions”. You set up these conditions in seconds with just one click!

You will have a list of sites that can use your ad and where it’ll show up. That’s all there is to it!

Pay per click?

Our Eskimi Display Ads Marketing is not charged on a pay-per-click module, it’s all based off CPM – Cost Per thousand impressions. This means that each publisher with us will be paid like $5 for every 1000 impressions they receive from visitors to your site!
CPM is a better model then as compared to pay per click as you have the potential of getting more leads, sales and customers at a much lower cost.

Can I show Display Ads outside Singapore?

Yes, you can show Display Ads outside of Singapore. You just have to decide which countries and states on websites that are relevant for your business before we do all the hard work in getting placements with advertising networks so it will be easier than ever!

Clear Campaign Goals: Campaigns attempting to build brand recognition generate site traffic and sales all at once can dilute its effectiveness, so campaigns should generally have one main goal.

Eye-catching and Engaging Creatives: The heart of a good ad is the story you tell your audience. A campaign falls flat among the ads competing for consumer attention without a clear message. You must prioritise producing engaging, creative content to develop your brand’s voice and intrigue your target audience.

Data: Data is today’s marketing superpower. Brands have never had so much data to learn from, both of campaign performance and their audience. If leveraged together, they’re invaluable to boosting reach and campaign success.

Format and Placement Opportunities: Ensure you’re taking advantage of the creative opportunities and entire digital space out there. Not every platform will offer the most innovative options, and diversifying your advertising portfolio is essential to staying relevant and visible.

Automation: It is hard to achieve the most valuable ad placement leveraging granular data without a system to process the ads in the ad marketplaces. This is why automation is emerging as the best way to launch campaigns today and get the best performances.

Relationship: Building an effective customer relationship is still essential for building a successful advertising campaign. Programmatic ads are instant and automated, but the audience data enables tailored promotions to individual customers in a unique way.

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