seo web hosting

Looking for reliable and fast web hosting? Forget about using those cheap and unreliable shared web hosting and embark on a speedy and managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting with Sotavento Medios.

What is Managed VPS Web Hosting in a Nutshell?

VPS Web Hosting is similar to a private server where your websites are managed on. It is better and faster and more reliable than shared web hosting for only a few sites are on a VPS. It is suitable for customers who are running an E-commerce business or intend to have a high volume of traffic to their website or are running certain programs or scripts on their website.

And in the term Manage, simply means we manage it, As when you get a Private Server, you need to do a lot of configuration to it, unless you are very technical in these, a managed VPS web hosting is a much suitable choice for you.

Our Managed VPS web hosting is only at $100 a month with a 36 monthly contract. The renewal price will be the same. We have been running this price for our Managed VPS web hosting since day 1 and will continue to support our clients with no price changes forever. A promise of Sotavento Medios.