Responsive Website Development

In Sotavento Medios, we provide Corporate Responsive Website Development for our customers. Our core strength is web development in wordpress. Be it E-Commerce or standard corporate website design, this is an easy job for us.

What type of website design package do you offer?

Depending on the budget for your business, we have 2 main type of packages. One is fully customized where you can decide how you want your website to look like, what are the features you want for the website. And the other is by purchasing a wordpress theme from our partner stores which houses over 10,000 wordpress themes and updated weekly.

What is the benefit of using a word Press Theme?

Using a Word Press theme allows you to have an idea of what to do and make use of the existing features already build in the theme. The cost for the website design will be much lower than considering a customize web design development project.

Why is your price for website development in Singapore so much cheaper than the rest?

Due to the recent covid-19 and the circuit breaker in Singapore, we have placed all our web developers and web designers at home in line with the recommendations. As such we save cost on rental and utilities and we in return give the discount back to you for our overheads is much lesser now.

How long do you take to do up a complete Responsive Website Design in Singapore?

Generally if all the content is ready and all the questions answered in our Q&A sections upon engaging us, a website development and design will takes approximately 21 working days. But in most cases, we do it within 10 working days.

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