SEO Services is now highly in demand in Singapore. With the trending of E-commerce in 2020 and caused by the Covid-19. This has caused a game changer to the way we shop and how we look out for services online.

In the past, you will see the retail shopping Centre flocked with people and even supermarkets, but now people are turning to online options for shopping for groceries and even doing live streaming events like Facebook live and Instagram live streaming or zoom webinar calls.

Thus, having their keywords rank up in the pages of the search engines is more challenging and the need for SEO Services in Singapore.

So the question is How much is the Price of SEO? What are the SEO Packages in Singapore that is value for money for companies to tap on? This guide put together by Sotavento Medios will give you the information needed to get started and to ensure you are eligible for an SEO.

Let’s start with the basic SEO, do you have the following in your website first. Running on an HTTPS connection website, meaning to say by the front of the website address, it starts with an HTTPS and you will see a padlock symbol and not the word not secure. It is important to have the website with HTTPS as this will so call let the search engines know that your website is safe for the users. Do not use those free SSL (Secure Server Lock Certificates, for the purpose of HTTPS) but use that paid version. There are many suppliers online but also don’t just go for cheap but go for the quality. Speak to your web hosting company and they will advise and install a reliable and secure HTTPS.

Domain Name Expiry date, For the best performance for SEO, we need to let the search engines know that we are here to stay and not for a fly by night business. Check the expiry date of your domain. Make sure that there is at least 3 to 5 years ahead of its expiry date. If your expiry date is nearing 1 year or less, it is good to have it renewed with your domain provider. This will definitely increase the SEO Services Performances.

Web Hosting, this part is crucial for all. Like how I always recommend to my customers, never go for budget hosting, and always host where your host country is in. If your targeted market is in Singapore, please have your Webhosting as a Singapore based Web Hosting. And if your targeted customers are from another country, then you select the web host accordingly. But now Webhosting is getting smarter in this and deceiving the users that they are local by putting a local flag or by charging you in Singapore Dollars for the Web Hosting Service.

Now lets get to what you are here for, SEO Packages in Singapore. The Pricing and Guide.

Identify the number of keywords you want for the SEO Package.

Many times we have a dream list and tell say we just want 10 or 20 keywords but is that SEO Package enough? Truly indeed is not enough, to be honest. This dream list is what you hope people to search for you for. But the actual fact is people might not type in those exact terms in the search engine to find you and might type a different combination. Try Searching for SEO Services and SEO Service. There is as at the end and without. You will see the Search results from the first 10 is different. Now trying searching again for the same set of keywords on a mobile phone or a tablet. You will notice the organic rankings results for the keywords of SEO Services and SEO Service is again different from what is found on the desktop or notebook.

That is why at Sotavento Medios, We are offering you a 100 SEO Package in Singapore. These 100 SEO Keywords will get you on the first page of Google Singapore or your targeted Google Country probably the Philippines, Indonesia Hong Kong, etc.  With our whooping 100 SEO Keywords Packages, we also guarantee your SEO results with a confident daily performance report. We are actually the only SEO Company in Singapore which provides you daily SEO Ranking Report.

Contact us today to see our live real-time reports and get your website on the top page of Google today.