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July 21, 2023
Online Success: Experience Free Google Ads Marketing with Sotavento Medios
Are you looking to boost your online presence through Google Ads? Look no further than Sotavento Medios, the leading digital marketing agency in Singapore. What sets us apart is that we offer a unique proposition: free Google Ads marketing. While we don’t provide the ad credits for free, we waive all charges for the maintenance ...
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October 27, 2022
Digital Marketing Technical Terms Explained
What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization? SEO is the process of making it easier for people to find your website on a search engine. You can do this by improving the quality and quantity of website traffic that comes from search engines. This kind of traffic is free, unlike paid traffic or direct traffic. What ...
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December 27, 2021
SEO VS. SEM: Which is better?
This is a common question for business owners who are trying to improve their visibility in search. SEO and SEM are two different approaches to search optimization, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s define them first. What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the process ...
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