Do not stop your SEO

March 14, 2022

If you are currently running SEO for your website and plan on switching vendors, be sure to do so while still under contract with the current one.

It is not a good idea to wait until after the expiration of said agreements before engaging another agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization work because of how the Google Search Algorithm works.

The longer the break in between the harder it will be to rank for new keywords and you will see a gradual drop in rankings for those keywords which you have ranked previously.

For SEO optimization works there are 2 main strategies to be done, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Page SEO is normally done on the inception of the SEO Project from the client.

The website is given to us and the set of keywords are used, our SEO experts will do the on-site optimization. If you are switching vendors, the on-site SEO might not be needed to be done if the keywords are the same and if the initial onsite optimization is done correctly.

The next strategy which is the most common of all is the off-page link building strategy. This is the one that you are paying the recurring fees to the SEO agency in Singapore for. The main difficult part of an SEO service is doing link building strategy.

When you stop doing SEO service, your link-building campaigns are also being on a standstill. To the search engines, this means that you are so-called” purposely” trying to optimize the website and there are irregularities in the link building.

When this happens, ranks start to tumble down, and getting it back up will need more time or a much higher tier link-building strategy.

Sotavento Medios can overcome these issues as we are one of the few that offers a 16 tier link-building SEO strategy and we focus more on keywords that convert rather than long-tail keywords.

Recently I got to know of a client whose previous SEO agency has recommended them some absurd keywords and they are happy they are ranking for it. But with such a long-tailed keyword and low search volume, what is the point of doing SEO then?

The keyword they were happy and proposed as they were ranked #1 in Google was

“good and cheap Korean buffets in orchard road”

The above keyword is so simple and is easy to be ranked for, so we have helped them to rank for better keywords in just 2 months.

We ranked for them the keyword “best Korean buffet”

This was done with one of our SEO Strategies using Google Maps Marketing.

Not all business requires the standard SEO to boost the traffic to the website, if you are in the retail or medical business, you should consider Google Maps Marketing.

Check out our next post on Google Location Based Marketing.

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