Online Success: Experience Free Google Ads Marketing with Sotavento Medios

July 21, 2023

Are you looking to boost your online presence through Google Ads? Look no further than Sotavento Medios, the leading digital marketing agency in Singapore. What sets us apart is that we offer a unique proposition: free Google Ads marketing. While we don’t provide the ad credits for free, we waive all charges for the maintenance of your Google Ads campaigns. Our ultimate goal remains unchanged—to maximize your visibility and generate leads through our top-notch Google Ads services.

With Sotavento Medios, you can trust in our expertise as a certified Google Ads specialist. Since 2017, we have been successfully running Google Ads campaigns for our esteemed clients. Currently, our active portfolio comprises several accounts with a combined monthly ad expenditure of over $500,000 Singapore dollars. While we cater to various industries, such as commercial business-to-business, lifestyle, and general consumers, our primary focus lies in serving the medical and wellness sector.

Now, you might be wondering, is this really a free Google Ads management service? The answer is a resoundingYES! We assure you that there are no recurring charges whatsoever. Additionally, we provide you with detailed monthly reports to keep you informed about the performance of your campaigns. However, we do request a one-time setup fee of only $550, which includes the creation of up to five campaigns. This fee covers everything—there are no hidden costs or lifelong Google Ads marketing management fees.

Google Ads management encompasses a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing and maximizing the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. When you entrust your Google Ads management to a professional agency like Sotavento Medios, you can expect the following key elements to be included:

Account Setup and Strategy: The agency will set up your Google Ads account, configure settings, and develop a tailored strategy based on your business goals and target audience. This involves conducting thorough keyword research, competitor analysis, and market research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for your campaigns.

Ad Creation and Copywriting: Skilled copywriters will craft compelling ad copy that attracts clicks and drives conversions. They will also create visually appealing display ads and responsive search ads that resonate with your target audience.

Campaign Optimization: The agency will continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to ensure they are performing at their best. This includes analyzing data, adjusting bids, refining targeting options, and split testing ad variations to improve click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Keyword Management: Managing keywords is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign. The agency will regularly review and update your keyword list, adding new keywords and removing underperforming ones. They will also implement keyword match types to fine-tune your targeting and minimize irrelevant clicks.

Bid Management: Effective bid management is essential to achieve optimal ad placement and budget allocation. The agency will closely monitor bidding strategies, adjusting bids based on keyword performance, competition, and campaign objectives. This helps maximize your ad visibility while maintaining cost efficiency.

Ad Extensions: Ad extensions provide additional information and enhance the visibility of your ads. The agency will utilize various ad extensions, such as sitelink extensions, call extensions, location extensions, and more, to improve ad visibility, CTR, and overall campaign performance.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics: Accurate tracking of conversions is vital to measure campaign success and make data-driven decisions. The agency will set up conversion tracking, install tracking codes, and integrate Google Analytics to monitor key metrics, such as conversions, bounce rates, and user behavior, providing valuable insights for campaign optimization.

A/B Testing and Experimentation: To continually improve campaign performance, the agency will conduct A/B tests and experiments. This involves testing different ad variations, landing pages, targeting options, and bidding strategies to identify the most effective combinations for driving results.

Performance Reporting: Regular reporting is provided to keep you informed about the progress and results of your campaigns. The agency will prepare detailed reports that outline key metrics, performance trends, and actionable insights. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of your Google Ads investment and make informed decisions.

Curious about how Sotavento Medios is able to offer this exceptional service for free? It’s all part of our commitment to adding value for our clients. Just like our free website maintenance for WordPress sites, we strive to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. For more information, feel free to explore our other blog posts or simply reach out to us through our contact form.

When it comes to Google Ads accounts, there are two types: agency accounts and personal business accounts. Each has its own distinct features and advantages, and our team can guide you in selecting the right option based on your specific needs and goals.

Partner with Sotavento Medios today and experience the power of free Google Ads marketing. Let us help you unlock your online potential and drive success for your business.

Let’s compare the features and benefits of an Agency Level Google Ads Account versus a Personal Google Ads Account:

Agency Level Account:
  1. Lower cost per click on advertisements: With an Agency Level account managed by Sotavento Medios, you can expect reduced costs per click due to their expertise in optimizing campaigns and managing budgets effectively.
  2. Higher conversion rate: The agency’s professional management and strategic approach can lead to improved conversion rates, ensuring that your ad spend generates more meaningful results.
  3. Fully managed by Sotavento Medios: You can rely on the agency to handle all aspects of your Google Ads account, including campaign setup, optimization, monitoring, and reporting, saving you time and effort.
  • No access to the Google Ads account: As the agency manages the account, you may not have direct access to the backend of the Google Ads platform. However, they will provide you with comprehensive reporting and updates on campaign performance.
  • 100% payment upfront required: To facilitate effective budget management and campaign execution, Sotavento Medios may require full payment upfront as they need to deposit funds into the Google Ads platform.
  • Commitment of dollar spent: There may be a minimum spending commitment to ensure the agency can deliver optimal results within a specific budget.
Personal Business Account:
  1. Full access to the Google Ads account: With a Personal Business Account, you have complete control and access to your Google Ads platform, allowing you to monitor and make adjustments directly.
  2. Able to insert Credit card and Pay as you go: You have the flexibility to manage your payments by inserting your credit card details and pay for your ads as you go, enabling better control over your ad spend.
  • Higher cost per click: Without professional management, you may experience higher costs per click, as optimizing campaigns and implementing effective strategies require specialized knowledge and experience.
  • Lesser conversions: In the absence of expert campaign management, you may experience lower conversion rates, impacting the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.
  • Always limited by budget: A Personal Business Account may reflect a “limited by budget” status more frequently, potentially limiting the visibility and reach of your ads due to budget constraints.
  • Low approval rates: The lack of professional guidance can result in lower approval rates for your ads, potentially affecting your ad campaign’s performance and reach.

It’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and expertise when choosing between an Agency Level Google Ads Account and a Personal Google Ads Account. While the agency-managed option offers benefits such as cost savings, higher conversion rates, and expert management, the personal account allows for more control and flexibility. Assessing your goals and resources will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business objectives.

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