A complete guide to SEO Social Media Signals.

Want to boost oyur rankings on your website the DIY style. Or are you looking to get more post reach and post engagement to your postings on social media? Or just want some free SEO training?

What is a social signals for SEO. It is actually the same method as social me’dia marketing. What you are trying t oachieve is more reach and engagements, shares in the social media for the post you are sharing. For example in facebook or Linkedin or Twitter, or any other social media platforms. You most someting on it with the link to your website.

Now there is 1 link in it and you get 1 social signal, if the link is being shared in more social platform or by others of the same social media, you get more social signals. So the main aim is to get more post reach and post engagements and hope someone shares the link.

Dont bother trying to cheart by creating multiple social media accounts and sharing it on your own, there is no purpose in this and the search engines are not stupid as there is an identity in the social media platform too that needs to be achieve Like the age of the social media account, profiles and how much post, how much real people reach etc makes a different.

At Sotavento Medios we have discovered a time and days of the week which is the best for social media posting to boost reach and engagement and increase the social signals to the website for SEO.

Take down a pen and paper and write it down, this applies only to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong on the time zone of GMT +0800 and you will needto adjust accordingly depending on the timezone your coutry is in.

The best days for postings are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the best timing to post are two times a day at 8.00am and at 1.00pm for the best conversions and reach out to the public. Due to the lifestyle and trends of hor and when social media platofrms are used, these days and timing will get and give a boost to the SEO social signals.

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