SEO Singapore Price Cheap or Expensive huh?

March 16, 2021

This is a common search term for SEO services. In google trends Singapore, the 2 most common search terms are SEO Singapore Price and SEO Package Singapore.

in this article we wil ldiscuss about the prices of Search Engine Optimization, SEO Service Comparisons, and SEO Packages in Singapore.

First What is SEO all about and why you should do SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, you are a business owner and you have a website, next is how to market your website to the people so they know about your products and services. So by means of doing optimization for the search engines and giving people the opportunity to find your products or service online when they search for the targeted keywords you are aiming is known as SEO.

If you own a website and no body visits your website, you will be like living in a kampong and no body even know your company exist. WIth the right and proper SEO Methods done, you wil lrecieve traffic which leads to enquires and leads for your business and even sales if yours is an E-commerce websites where there is sales transactions done on your website.

SEO is a long term commitment as it is not magic and paid advertising. The process for SEO for you to appear on the search engines will take months or probably even years to achieve top page rankings but that depends on several factors on the wesbite.

The primary method in which this can be accelerated is by having good non plagarism content in your website. Website content with originality and useful to the people who search for your keywords.

How much does SEO Cost in Singapore?

It is common that SEO companies charge between $600 to $3,000 a month. But before you skip this page and think this is way out of your budget for SEO, read through the below article to find out why its very cheap still considering the price for a Professional SEO Service.

First we identify the SEO is a from of Internet Marketing. And the cost to hire an internet marketing executive in a company would be around $2000 a month for example excluding CPF contributions.

The Internet Marketing Executive might not be that familar or focus on SEO, or not considered an SEO Expert, you stil lwould need to outsource that part and money still has to be spent.

If you outsource to other countries like India or China to perform the SEO, would you feel comfortable letting another country personnel handle the internet marketing part of it and not knowing the laws of privacy in Singapore and data protection, you will think twice.

Now the main question.

How much does it cost to hire a SEO Consulttant/ SEO Specialist in Singapore?

Most companies pays their SEO Specialist a common rate of between $6000 to $9000 a month. If your organization have the budget to hire a SEO Specialist to manage your website SEO works, then thats good. But cost efficiently wise were to outsource the SEO Service to a Professional SEO Company in Singapore.

SEO Specialist in Singapore salary ranges from $25 per hour for those with 5 to 8 years hands on experience and as high as up to $50 per hour for those with 10 years or more in experience hands on SEO Service.

Not refering to those account managers or those you see they have experience on Jobstreet, those Digital Marketing Managers would not spend their time on SEO as the effort to do SEO is really alot.

For a 20 to 100 Keyword SEO Campaign, how many hours will it take?

On average, for each keyword to be optimize, a certain number of hours is needed to be allocated by the SEO Specialist in Singapore for your campaign regardless on the number of keywords.For simple calculation, it will take about 20 minutes per keyword per day. So if you have 20 keywords, it will require you 400 minutes a day, every day to get the best optimal results in the shortest time.

400 minutes is equal to 6.5 hours and if you were to hire a SEO Consultant on your own record it will cost you 6 X $25/hour = $150.00 and that is $4,500 a month.

Now it dont sount too expensive to outsource the SEO knowing the cost of hire an inhouse SEO Specialist is so expensive.

Do you know that Sotavento Medios offers the Cheapest SEO Package in Singapore at only $880 a month for 100 Keywords!

How are we able to charge so cheap for SEO Service in Singapore? 2 simple reasons, We apply our cost savings to our clients. Since the beginning of Covid last year, we have move our operations team to work from home. During the circuit breaker and til now we have moved out from our office at Toa Payoh North to the current work from home module. This saves us lots of money on the rental and we rabate it to the customer with lesser overheads of expensive corporate office rental and business fibre broadband./ The other reason is we believe in a long term commitment with the customer. Making the price affordable for our customers has led to several referrals and our business to date, happy to say, so far its based on a 100% refferal model.

What are the SEO Package in Singapore?

Basically all SEO Agency in Singapore are similar, but the 2 main difference in the SEO Package are the Price, and the Reports. Now we know about the price and for just $880 a month you get 100 keywords for SEO. Next is the reports. Companies all over Singapore and even other countries offer their customers SEO Reports on a monthly basis. The reason so they do it on a monthly basis is to not let you know if they are actually performing any real SSEO work on your website or not til the end of the month.

This sort of monthly SEO Reports is offered by SEO Agency and Internet Marketing Services Comapany as a normal thing. It also takes alot of time to consolidate a report, write about the difference of the 30 days cycle of what has been done to enhance the performance of the website.

Do you kmnow that Sotavento Medios offers SEO Reports EVERYDAY!

Yes we are the only company in Singapore, and i believe the first one to offer clients SEO Reporting on a daily basis. Our reports are easy to understand and sent to your dedicated email on a daily basis 365 a year. In additional, you will have access to our system to view the reports and check on what has been done, what SEO Metrics, and even track your competitor if that is a thing for you too.

How much?

Monthly price of $880. thats it. More savings on annual payment.

Contact us today if you want to see results for your business website, and quality SEO works done with daily reports.

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