SEO Daily Rankings Report

June 8, 2020

At Sotavento Medios, we are so good at SEO that we are going to send you daily SEO Progress Reports straight to your email. 365 days a year.

Sotavento Medios team of SEO Specialists in Singapore are committed to the work assigned to us by our clients and it’s our only goal and motivation to see customers rank to the top pages of Google and get quality leads and conversions from it.

How can we do it daily and not monthly?

We are able to do it daily because we want to show you that engaging Sotavento Medios for SEO Services in Singapore, our team never rests and don’t set a limit to what we do until the objective goal is being met. Many SEO agencies in Singapore limit their customers to a small SEO Package in Singapore like 10 to 30 keywords and they always propose longer-tailed keywords as they will try to “convince” you that is better for conversions. But the actual fact is only to benefit themselves so that their work is easier.

As we know, SEO works by means of an exact match. If you are searching for the keyword SEO Services You may find our ranking on the middle section of Google but if you were to search Best SEO Services in Singapore 2020, you will find us on the top page of Google. It is because the longer the keywords are, the lesser the competition. With less competition, it is easier for the search engine optimization agency in Singapore to rank your website.

We also do not limit to the work being done by means all our methods of SEO Services are white hat methods and we do multi-tier SEO so to the search engines is natural and we run over elite proxies which gives a natural boost to the rankings making your website SEO Progress even much faster as compared to many SEO Agency in Singapore.

Below are sample screenshots of the SEO Reports which you will be getting from Sotavento Medios.

Sample of SEO Reports from us


SEO Expert


SEO Service

If you would like to engage us for your SEO Services and want to soar up rankings over the competition, please contact us for a discussion. Our SEO Package starts from 100 keywords.

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