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We may have different skills and backgrounds, but we all have the same main objective: to help you build the best version of your brand

Jeremy Lee
Director of Sales & Marketing
Eula Orca
Hazel Jose
Graphic Designer
Tanushka Sajith
Lead Developer
Rukshan Thilina
SEO Specialist
Isabel Hernandez
Management Dev. Associate
Janine Cruz
Junior Graphic Designer
Alyssa Camille
Social Media Marketing
Damien Low
Special Projects Coordinator

Our Blog Posts

November 27, 2023
Unveiling the Power of Authenticity and Transparency in Social Media Branding

Authenticity and transparency have emerged as the cornerstones of successful social media branding in a digital landscape saturated with curated content and polished personas. In an era where consumers seek genuine connections and honesty from the brands they engage with, businesses that embrace these values stand to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with their audience. …

November 23, 2023
engagements, facebook, social media, social media algorithm
The Silent Architects: How Social Media Algorithms Shape Our Digital Universe

Social media platforms have become the beating heart of our connected world. These platforms are no longer just avenues for socializing and sharing; they have evolved into complex ecosystems, driven by sophisticated algorithms that dictate what we see and interact with. These algorithms are the puppeteers, orchestrating our online experiences with meticulous precision. Today, we …

November 20, 2023
The Impact of AR and VR on Social Media Marketing

We’ll delve into a game-changer that’s quietly reshaping the landscape: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). While most of us know AR and VR as tools for immersive gaming or entertaining experiences, they’re also weaving a subtle yet profound transformation into social media marketing. Step into the AR and VR Universe Imagine scrolling through …

November 16, 2023
social media, social listening, customer sentiment, customer service, customer feedback
Social Listening: Tuning into Customer Sentiment

Our digital footprints are becoming increasingly prominent. With each like, share, comment, and hashtag, we leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs that reveal our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Social media, in particular, has emerged as a treasure trove of insights into the minds of consumers, making it a goldmine for businesses looking to better understand …

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