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Responsive Website Design Development Service in Singapore

Fancy a new Website Design for your business. Or are you looking for web development to enhance the performance and security of your website? So-tavento Medios has the solution to your website needs service in Singapore.

Our Service for Website Design & Development in Singapore

We have been developing websites for our customers with customized web design and also the use of themes for websites. What is more important in website development is the performance speed, security of the database to prevent hacking and optimize for search engine optimization. SEO-friendly websites with the best website design services in Singapore.

All our websites are loaded with the following plugins

  • Enhance Security to prevent hackers with brute force attacks.
  • Blacklist of IP addresses for intruder’s access.
  • Malware and antivirus build in.
  • SSL Certificate to enhance the website security
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics for tracking and localize SEO Purpose.
  • 2FA login for additional security when accessing the website from the admin level

Front end Editing with drag and drop features.

Sign up for our website Development Package today and Save more with enhance Security and Speed Performance of your website over your competitors.

At Sotavento Medios, We specialize in WordPress website development with the use of themes. We can either help you to select a theme or if none fit your needs we have countless updated ones every month!

Website design is all about creating a unique and appealing look for your website. Using themes, you can create different looks with just one theme applied to any number of sites without having too much work on your hands!

Theming a website is an art and not just about applying different colors to every part of it. Even with the same theme applied, there will still be subtle differences between one site versus another due in large part to images used on pages as well as typeface choices that could give each page its individual feel

When looking for a theme, the first thing you need to consider is its overall structure and effects. Look at how it Navigates on desktop or mobile devices – if these satisfy your needs then go ahead with that specific design! From there just customize as desired through customization options available in our website development processes

You won’t be able to find a better deal than this. Our packages start at S$5,500 for website development and we have lowered the price down below 6 grand! We provide professional websites that look awesome in any industry with our amazing designs- take some time looking through them before making your decision because you’ll want what suits YOU best !!!

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