Social Media Growth

Social Media Growth

What is Social Media Growth? Are you tired of your social media account being stagnant and not growing at the rate it should be or are others’ accounts outpacing yours by leaps and bounds. If this sounds like something that might interest you then we can offer an add-on service for our clients who want their content shared more evenly across all channels so they don’t fall behind!

With our state-of-the-art social media growth platform, we work with you to grow your following on Facebook and Instagram. We also offer customized packages for TikTok followers as well!

Whats included in the Social Media Growth Package?

We help you grow your social media account so it can bring in business profits.
Our team of experts has over 15 years experience and is ready to work 24/7 for clients like yours who want results now!

Guaranteed Page Likes/ Followers – 300 to 1000 monthly
Guaranteed Post Likes – 100 and above per post
Guaranteed Comments & Engagement – 2 comments minimum

With our social media growth package, we can ensure that your content is seen by the largest audience possible. This includes an increase in traffic and even putting it on Now Trending!

How do we Guarantee the Social Media Growth?

Sotavento Medios, and we have proprietary in-house technology that scans your content across all social media accounts to find the most relevant audience for you. Our team will run ads on our end within seconds of posting so that not only do they see it but everyone else does too! Whether this is one post or many throughout an entire day – don’t worry because their specialists work 24/7 round the clock making sure everything gets delivered right away

How much extra does this cost?

The price of our social media growth package is set at just $600 per month, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new followers without breaking the bank.

Is there a contract to have this Social Media Growth?

No need to sign any contract, you can start using our services immediately and we will manage your social media posting for the next month. We have creative design ideas that are sure to increase engagement on all of those posts!

How soon can I see results?

After we get your approval, everything should happen quickly. You can expect results within the next working day!

What are the limitations to this Social Media Growth Package?

We understand that you want to reach your audience, but flooding them with too many posts will only make things difficult for you. The company keeps it lean and easy- 30 post per month at most!

Can i split the Campaign budget into 2 social media accounts?

We know that you might only have less than 30 posts per month on your social media account, but we apologize nonetheless. Each profile is treated as an individual entity.

Social Media Growth Package

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