Understanding SEO Singapore Price

June 7, 2022

There are many opportunities for businesses and people around the world to reach this and it is only going to grow further. As a small city-state, competition for digital space is fierce and businesses have to adopt advanced digital marketing strategies to get ahead. This is why the Singapore government is making efforts to ensure that its citizens have a solid digital knowledge and even offers grants for companies investing in digital solutions. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a central part of many companies’ online presence and overall marketing efforts. However, since the digital world is constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest trends can be quite challenging. This is why the implementation of an effective SEO strategy is crucial for businesses in Singapore. By working on search engine optimization continuously, businesses are able to control and dominate their competitive space in the digital world, ensuring that search engines will consistently show their website as a top result whenever potential customers search for the products or services they offer. Given the importance of a visible online presence for the achievement of a successful business in Singapore, adopting an effective SEO strategy will become a necessity, not an option. However, finding a successful SEO strategy for a company can be quite challenging due to the dynamic nature of the search engine algorithms and the wide range of businesses offering SEO services in Singapore. The first section of the article is giving a detailed overview of these services and strategies that are used so that readers can acquire a better understanding of what is mentioned in the introduction and how the theories can be applied to real world situations.

Overview of Digital Marketing in Singapore

Singapore, a powerhouse for first-world technology, is one of the most exciting places in the world for experts in digital marketing. People now spend more time on the internet than ever before. Of course, the internet has now become an essential part of everyday life. From shopping to work to even paying bills, everything can now be done online. And this is why companies now take digital marketing and their online presence much more seriously. In Singapore, digital marketing campaigns have become more prevalent than traditional forms of marketing. This is due to the high level of technology adoption by businesses and consumers, as well as the fact that it is less costly to run a marketing campaign online. Every business, whether big or small, that exists in Singapore is now taking advantage of digital marketing. Even business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies are employing online marketing. Traditional forms of marketing, such as TV and print advertising, are on the decline as digital marketing continues to rise, with search engine optimization (SEO) at its forefront. Currently, less than one-third of all digital marketing in Singapore is spent on SEO, yet SEO is found to be the most effective and efficient online marketing strategy. This is why this article is dedicated to introducing and explaining the increasingly essential digital marketing strategy of SEO and its importance in the context of Singapore.

Importance of SEO Strategy

According to the Singapore Marketing Research Association, 80% of online experiences start with a search engine, and 70% of the users only pay attention to the first five organic search results. Therefore, companies of all sizes are increasingly using SEO services in Singapore. With so many consumers ready to make immediate purchases, search engine results that actually lead potential customers to a product or service provide an incredible and highly efficient ‘conversion tool’, far more effective than traditional ‘push’ marketing such as direct mail and cold calling. In Singapore’s maturing and competitive market, it is becoming more crucial for businesses to drive traffic to their sites and generate ‘conversions’ – that is, getting a high percentage of those site visitors to either make a purchase or make an enquiry about a service. Furthermore, because a sustained SEO strategy has a cumulative effect – the longer a website has regular, quality content and backlinks, the better it will generally perform – the ROI (return on investment) of SEO services increases over time. When compared to traditional methods of advertising that have limited exposure, such as a newspaper advert with a certain number of days’ run, users have effectively unlimited access to the site for every day that the SEO strategy creates high ranking in search results. This makes SEO a cost-effective strategy in the longer term. For businesses, funding a successful SEO campaign is increasingly and justifiably considered a necessary step in marketing, with digital surpassing traditional methods. This can be shown by the trend in the amount of money spent on internet advertising, which grew from $37 million in 2003 to over $2 billion in 2013 in Singapore. However, it is important for companies looking to engage an SEO provider to have knowledge of the market in Singapore in order to make an informed decision. This includes understanding the stated pricing options and the various strategies that are used by providers to arrive at their price. Also, the type of SEO strategy used is important; for example, are the prices based on results, such as the actual positioning of the company’s website in search result pages, or require payment regardless of results. All of these should be considered in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency.

SEO Campaign in Singapore

The primary goal of any business’s SEO campaign is to ensure that potential customers who search for a service or product category that your business offers are directed to your website. This is done mainly by achieving a high ranking on the search engine results page. In today’s digital age, the internet has become a part of everyday life and its use has greatly influenced the way people do business. This means that it is more important than ever for businesses to have an online presence. Compared to other digital strategies, SEO is extremely cost-effective. Having a good SEO service could attract thousands of visitors for a sustained period, making it an ideal strategy for many businesses that have an online presence. With the importance of appearing on the first page emphasized, the adoption of SEO services across industries has been rapidly gaining traction. In Singapore, where the internet usage is among one of the highest in the world at 82% of the population, businesses are increasingly implementing SEO strategies to capture potential customers. This is particularly vital in Singapore’s small city state; with 6.9 million visitors each month and more than 4 million Google searches each day, businesses are realizing that focusing on traditional methods at the expense of online tactics would be costly. Unlike other marketing strategies such as social media where the results could be difficult to measure, SEO provides a clear and traceable return on investment. Every element of an SEO, from the content to the meta tags, image alternative tags and comprehensive sitemaps, each contributes to the performance of the website on search engines. For those businesses that sell products online, each click that brings a potential customer is a sales opportunity. Every visitor is an impression, a lead, a chance at building a relationship and ultimately, a sale. This is why hiring an SEO company in Singapore can be a wise investment for businesses. By leveraging the expertise of professionals, businesses would be better placed to reap the benefits of improved search engine rankings. A professional SEO service provider will help businesses achieve better rankings, increase revenue, enhance brand visibility, and improve customer acquisition and retention. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them make informed decisions about purchasing.

Benefits of SEO Services in Singapore

As more and more commerce moves online, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important in Singapore. There are many different digital marketing strategies, ranging from social media marketing to search engine optimization. But when businesses decide to start their digital marketing campaigns, it’s likely that you’ll hear a lot of words and acronyms that you might not be so familiar with. SEO, SEM, PPC—what does it all actually mean, and what could these strategies do for your business? In this section, we will focus on SEO campaigns in Singapore. First of all, let’s understand what SEO is. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s the practice of optimizing your webpages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines. Google SEO is all about helping people to find your website when they search for topics that are relevant to you. And Google’s ‘mission’ is to direct people to the best, most relevant websites on the internet. So if you can make your website appear at the top of Google when people search for your products or services, then you’ll be able to drive more traffic and business to your site, because Google will send people to you. This is important in a place like Singapore, where there’s a high level of internet penetration and digital activity. In fact, Singapore is ranked number one in the world for most digital competitive country—’digital competitiveness’ is a measure of a country’s ability to adopt and explore digital technologies leading to transformation in the economy and society. If your business is not showing up on the first results page, it’s likely that you’re not getting as much traffic as you should or potentially could. There are many SEO services in Singapore. SEO specialists can offer a range of services, from auditing your website, to providing keyword research, to ongoing SEO maintenance. The costs for different services can vary greatly. Some consultants or agencies charge a few thousand dollars per month for very hands-on, high touch services, while others might be only a few hundred dollars a month for lower level services.

Understanding SEO Singapore Price

For project based, the price is specific to the project scope. A new website or a website which needs a complete overhaul apart from an ongoing SEO campaign is what needed in this SEO pricing. For monthly retainer, the most common payment is where clients pay a set fee each month in exchange for an agreed upon array of services. Last but not least, Contract Services is like for in the case of a contract service, the business is willing to pay a bonus for the service provided to the client. Clients will need to pay a higher price to the SEO agency normally by hourly basis. The price will usually range from 5 – 15 dollars per hour based on the experience and technical skill of the person who is doing the service. Clients will be charged according to the services they received and the total amount should not exceed the maximum amount stated in the contract. However, the most important should not be the price but the quality of the service. Furthermore, the clients need to study all the terms and condition especially on the costing and the way how the payment will be made. There are a lot of companies which offer great services at an affordable price. Do not rush into a conclusion because it is a long term investment and a wrong move can cost high.

1) Project-based 2) Monthly Retainer 3) Contract Services

Once you have a website, your next goal will be to drive as many potential customers to your site. You can do that through SEO, which is one of the best digital marketing strategies in Singapore. SEO is a strategy used to help the website rank higher on the search engine results page. The higher your site’s position, the more online users will see your site, and the higher the likelihood they will visit your website. When a company is looking for SEO services in Singapore, the cost is not the only consideration. For SEO services, quality is the most important. The companies need to understand what the prices for such services are in the market. There are 3 main ways in which SEO services are priced in Singapore and they are:

Factors Affecting Cost of SEO Services

The next part of the guide will look at the budget that businesses often allocate for SEO services. For a business, it is crucial to know how much they should spend on SEO services because a mistake of overestimating or underestimating the budget might result in a waste of money. There are a few common budget types, including percentage-of-sales, the high percentage, and the lump sum. A percentage-of-sales budget links the marketing budget to sales and as sales grow, the budget and permitted SEO advertising grow. A limitation of this budget type is the fact that in the early period when sales are low, there will be too little capital allowed for the SEO services to have the best chance of success. On the other hand, the high percentage is decided based on past spending habits. It may either be the same as last year’s budget or last year’s budget adjusted according to changing circumstances. This approach is quick and easy and is advantageous because the budget spends more money on marketing during a high revenue period and less during a low revenue period. However, it requires establishing the initial budget rather than calculating the most effective means of increasing profit through SEO services. Lastly, a lump sum budget is a set amount of money given to a business to spend over a period of time and it is common for small businesses because they may have modest marketing budgets. This budget is simple and best used for a short-term marketing project but in the guide’s advice, an SEO service campaign is a long-term project and the other two budget types are favored over this. Situations where a client is looking for a specific outcome, it may be cheaper to engage a professional to work on a project basis. This lets the client know exactly how much they are spending and what they are getting in return. This might be suitable for website projects that are well-defined or for a particular campaign in an ongoing strategy. For SEO services which involve a high level of skill in terms of understanding the algorithm of search engines, continuously updating knowledge and expertise, and generating new, quality written content, engaging a professional and paying a monthly fee on a retainer basis is often the most cost-effective solution. Clients will usually gain a sustainable increase in customer base and the amount of revenue on top of covering the cost of the service itself. Engaging a professional on a retainer basis also means the client can have the flexibility of consulting with the professional about other ongoing digital marketing opportunities and making necessary adjustments to the strategy and the positioning of the business. Some SEO consultancies offer services with a result-based fee. This means that the client will only be charged upon the success of a particular agreed objective. However, it must be noted that negotiating a result-based fee may take a long time and it is often driven by the consultancy’s confidence in their ability to deliver the objective. Furthermore, clients may still have to agree to being engaged in a minimum term of continuous service. Lastly, for businesses that already held an in-house digital marketing team, it might be more cost-efficient to have a dedicated search specialist in-house. As opposed to the retainer or project basis, the flexibility of their work time allows them to double-function in other areas of digital marketing as well. However, an in-house search specialist will require some time to familiarize with the company and is subjected to continuous effort in professional training and knowledge update in order to stay ahead in the field. On the whole, considering that company staffing is a costly and ongoing process in Singapore, and the skill set required for an in-house specialist as well as initial set-up and maintenance costs for a professional knowledge platform may be substantial, most SMEs find that engaging a professional SEO services provider in Singapore is the better option.

Key Elements of Effective SEO Campaigns

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that comes to a website as a result of unpaid search results. It is a stark contrast to direct traffic, which occurs when a user enters a website’s URL into a browser. For individuals who are not particularly well-versed with the way search engines such as Google rank websites, the world of search engine optimization (SEO) might seem bewildering and shrouded in mystery. This is why many turn to digital marketing agencies for assistance. However, it is useful to understand that one of the main aims of any effective SEO campaign is to accrue as much organic traffic as possible and rightly so; research has shown that organic traffic can be converted up to 16 times more than paid traffic. This is because those who take the time to search for a query and click on an organic search result are generally more engaged and genuinely interested in the content of the website compared to a user who simply clicks on a sponsored ad. This has been proven by the fact that most businesses see the highest conversion rates from SEO compared to email marketing, social media marketing and direct mail. As of May 2019, search engine giants such as Google are now processing an average of over 63,000 searches every second of every day! That equates to over 5.6 billion searches per day worldwide. The scale of this figure is difficult to imagine and it is only set to increase. This is why reaching and converting organic traffic is so important for a business. It is no longer just an option for that extra edge, it is a necessity in the modern, digital age.

Organic Traffic and its Significance

Organic traffic basically refers to the number of visitors who arrive at your site by clicking search results leading to your domain. These could be results for your domain directly or for individual pages on your site. In Singapore, organic traffic actually plays a very important role in boosting the overall traffic on a given website and this is what digital marketing experts are always looking into. Research conducted on the trends across the Asia Pacific region, for instance, shows that over 60% of website traffic can be attributed to organic search results and that people visiting and making decisions are more likely to come in from organic search rather than clicking on paid display ads. The right amount and kind of traffic reaching your site in Singapore actually translates to better business prospects and offers a greater return on investments for any digital marketing campaign. This is the reason why SEO is considered a vital digital marketing strategy because it aims to increase the volume and quality of organic traffic to a site by improving the site’s rankings. If a company has its target audience in Singapore, through the use of key variables like location and demographics to customize content, SEO-based organic traffic will probably reach and engage the right people, in this case, potential customers in a more effective way. All this becomes much more significant if the company is involved in selling products or services through online platforms because a steady flow of organic traffic will result in more sales and higher product or brand visibility in the local market. Also, what is important is that there is relatively little initial set up as compared to the costs involved in paid search, and this has the potential of providing low-cost advertising and much higher click-through rates over time. This clearly shows that directing more resources to improve the volume and quality of organic traffic in a well-planned SEO campaign will definitely yield better returns and long-term benefits.

Importance of Keyword Research

Besides the summary, the content has its own content for the “3. Key Elements of Effective SEO Campaigns” section in the table of contents. I’m going to make a section for “3.2 Importance of Keyword Research”. Within that sub-section, the first sentence will be a topic sentence which introduces the sub-topic “keyword research”. Then, I will provide the importance of keyword research in two ways: publishing focused and relevant content, and utilizing the right unique selling point which helps the program to get the first page. It is followed by a fourth sentence which says it’s a very important and a crucial strategy in SEO as the results of all of the previous efforts when keyword research is combined changing to the organic searches in Google and other search engines. After that, I will explain the benefit of search engine optimization which is one of the major findings of a keyword research and that will form the basis for your search engine marketing and for that I will end the passage with a concluding sentence that summarizes the main idea of the section.

Local SEO Strategies for Singapore

Before exploring the key local SEO strategies for Singapore, it is important to understand the term ‘local SEO’. Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on increasing the visibility of a business website in local search results – Google Maps, for example. Local SEO helps your business to appear on the top of search results, especially when the user is searching for a business/product ‘near me’. When internet users type in certain keywords with a specific location (such as ‘best delivery food in Kallang, Singapore’), the search engines will find the most relevant business information by analyzing the localized content in websites. This allows your business to be placed in a prime position on the search engine, receiving a higher volume of search enquiries and generating more leads. There are various local SEO strategies that can help your business to achieve high rankings. First and foremost, set up and verify ‘Google My Business’ (GMB) listing is essential. Placing the accurate information on the GMB page, such as the business name, business categories, physical location, phone number and business hours will make it easier for the search engines to understand and display the business information through localized content. Also, the use of consistent and accurate contact information on both the GMB page and official website is crucial. Next, optimize the localized content in website by including the business location, localized keywords and other important localized meta tags and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information. This is to allow the search engines to have a clear understanding of the local area that the business focuses. Last but not least, getting your business listed in the online local directories which are relevant to the business category and location. This is important as the backlinks from these directories are seen as localized signals that can help to boost the localized content’s visibility. By integrating the local SEO strategies into the master plan of your SEO, it will not only improve the search rankings but also to bring more potential and targeted customers to the business.

Enhancing Search Engine Rankings in Singapore

Lastly, search engine optimization is not just about varying the keyword phrases in a URL; it is about every step of the way. From building a website or a webpage to writing the content and to promotion and marketing. With the right strategies, everything will eventually fall into place, and our website will rank at the top.Digital marketing skills, which include SEO, are really vital to driving consumer awareness and sales, and everyone from retailers to professional services and technology companies all can benefit from a digital marketing plan that includes SEO.

For those who wish to get an instant result at the expense of a top organic spot in the future, paid search or search advertising can be the solution. Paid search includes raising the website higher in the search engine results through techniques such as PPC marketing or purchasing a spot among the first few results on the results page. This can be done by signing up through Google’s ‘AdWords’ and creating an ad in the AdWords account. These text ads are short and will appear in the search network. One of the great things about paid search is that it is very easy to measure and to see what is going on every step of the way. This is the complete opposite of SEO, where it could take a few months to see a positive result, and there are no guarantees.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keywords are the phrases that internet users type into Google in order to find the service or product they are interested in. By including these keywords throughout your website and its content, the search engine can easily find what they are looking for, and this will increase the chances of your website ranking higher. However, it is not quite true that the more keywords we have, the better our SEO will be. In fact, Google may impose a penalty if it appears that a page is ‘keyword stuffing’. Keyword stuffing is a practice where a website repeatedly uses many keywords in an attempt to make a certain page seem more relevant for those words. This is how ‘black-hat’ SEO works, which is the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus only on search engines and not human audiences, and usually does not obey Google Webmaster Guidelines. For instance, using white text on a white background, having irrelevant keywords on the page, etc. Admittedly, such strategies may sometimes work initially; however, they will definitely harm the website in the long run as it is very likely to incur a Google penalty. A Google penalty is a punishment against a website whose content conflicts with the marketing practices enforced by Google. When the website is penalized, it will lose its rank, and the organic traffic will drop significantly.

First and foremost, one of the keys to enhancing search engine rankings in Singapore is to improve online presence through SEO. This can be done by having a good SEO strategy that includes an effective content marketing strategy, well-researched keywords, and a strong technical SEO. Content marketing involves creating and promoting valuable content to attract the target audience. This means that the content created must be interesting and relevant enough to pull potential customers to your website. For example, an air-con company can start a blog about how to service different types of air conditioning units and how often they should be serviced. Most importantly, the content must be able to provide solutions or answers to whatever the customer needs to know.

Improving Online Presence through SEO

In order to improve online presence through SEO, businesses are encouraged to frequently update and produce relevant content on their websites. Creating fresh content on a regular basis demonstrates to users and search engines that the site is alive and active, which can have a positive effect on the site’s ranking. In addition, relevant and useful content can help to strengthen the brand and encourage customer engagement. Businesses may also seek to establish backlinks to their websites as part of their off-page SEO strategy. Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that link back to the business’s website. When search engines assess the relevance and reliability of a site, one of the key parameters they use is the number of backlinks. However, it is important to note that the quality of the backlinks is important and not just the quantity. For example, backlinks coming from well-established and high-authority sites will have a greater positive impact on a site’s ranking. On the other hand, backlinks from disreputable sites can negatively affect the business’s online presence. Businesses may want to engage in good SEO practices such as using suitable keywords in their website page titles, meta descriptions and header tags. This strategy can help to improve the click-through rate from search engine results as well as enhance the user’s experience. For example, the meta description, which is the preview of the page shown below the title in search results, is a good opportunity for businesses to advertise the content of their page. A good meta description can entice more users to click on the business’s link and hence increase the traffic to the site. Last but not least, businesses should regularly monitor the progress of their SEO strategy through analytical tools. For example, Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that is widely used to track and analyse website traffic. By understanding the trends and traffic data, businesses can have a clearer picture of what is working well on their websites and what is not. In turn, this will help to make informed choices on how to improve the site’s performance.

Determining Number of Keywords for SEO

By observing the rules mentioned above, you can be guaranteed that you would not run foul of Google and you will definitely augment the possibility of your website being ranked higher in the search results.

Do not give up the technique of gathering many quality links from other website to your website. This is because relevant inbound links to your website from other well-established and high-traffic websites will boost your search engine rankings tremendously, given that the links are made up of key terms that are related to your web page. For instance, a plastic surgeon would expect phrases like ‘cosmetic surgery’ or ‘breast enhancement’ in the links pointing to his website. It is important to ensure that all these inbound links are valid and they should be regularly checked. The reason is even just a single broken link on your web page will affect your search engine rankings. Validating thousands of links can be a time-consuming task, but it is extremely crucial if you want to maintain a high ranking for your site. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check all the inbound links to your website.

In the past, many people might have told you to try to submit as many URLs of your website as possible in order to rank high in the search results. However, doing that will result in the blocking or banning of your website by search engines. Hence, it is very important to appreciate the fact that the rule of using many titles is constrained by the guideline imposed by Google. This is because Google might treat you as a spammer if you perform over-submission of the URLs. On the contrary, you should only submit the main URL to Google when you make major changes to your web page.

There is no fixed answer to the question of how many keywords should be used for SEO. In the past, people might stuff as many keywords as possible into a web page to improve the page’s rank in search results. However, very often the content turned out to be unattractive and of little value to the Internet users. This is known as keyword stuffing. With the evolution of search engine technology, Google is now able to detect and punish those websites that adopt unethical SEO techniques, including keyword stuffing. Nowadays, numerous SEO experts are suggesting that one should maintain a keyword density of approximately 2 to 3 percent for all key terms. This means that in a web page with 100 words of total content, a particular search term should only appear 2 to 3 times.

Exploring Different SEO Services Pricing in Singapore

In Singapore, the cost of SEO services can vary greatly. On one end, we have freelancers that may charge as little as $300 per month. On the other end, we have established SEO companies that may quote a substantial amount for their services. Many different factors affect the pricing of SEO services in Singapore. One of the most common pricing models for SEO services is monthly retainer. Here, an established SEO agency would charge a monthly fee for a range of SEO services – from on-page and off-page optimization to developing SEO strategies and implementing them. The value of a monthly retainer varies depending on the agency and the type of services provided. Some SEO agencies may package their services in such a way that there are different tiers of services at different pricing. For example, a SEO agency may offer a standard package for on-page and off-page optimization and a premium package that extends to content creation and keyword analysis. In this pricing model, clients who sign up for a more expensive package get access to more types of services. On the other hand, other pricing models may offer SEO services on project basis. In such cases, an SEO agency may be engaged to work on a single piece of work, such as a site audit or keyword analysis. These services are priced individually and it is not uncommon for clients to eventually pay more than the monthly retainer pricing model, especially if a host of different services are required for a comprehensive SEO campaign. Not all SEO agencies in Singapore practice ethical or useful SEO strategies. There are many SEO agencies in Singapore that adopt black-hat SEO tactics to ‘cheat’ the system and provide short-term gains for their clients. Websites that are being promoted by these black-hat agencies might enjoy a brief spell at the top of the search results, but it is very likely that the website will be blacklisted by search engines as soon as they pick up the underhand tactics. This is a huge risk and can potentially harm the reputation of the company in the long run. Therefore, it is important that a company does its due diligence in finding the right SEO agency to engage.

Choosing the Right SEO Package

When looking for an SEO package or company to sign up with, it can be quite overwhelming to weigh the many options on the market. There is a wide range of SEO service fees, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month, and it is important to understand what you are getting into at different price points. Typically, most businesses in Singapore will opt for packages that provide for their specific needs and these come in various pricing options. For example, a start-up company would normally take up a local SEO package which is usually less costly and aims to target audience in the vicinity of the business’s location. On the other hand, for businesses that provide products and services on a broader scale and are looking to expand and to reach out to a wider audience, they might take up a national or even international SEO packages which are extensive and naturally more expensive. Some larger corporations might prefer engaging an in-house SEO team where they have full control over the strategies and the operations. However, in Singapore, the cost of hiring an in-house SEO team could be very onerous as it is extremely costly to maintain a team of professionals. Apart from that, considering the fact that SEO evolves over time due to the changes in the search engine algorithms, the knowledge and the skills set of the in-house team need to be constantly updated as well. Last but not least, there are also different types of SEO services such as retainer, project-based and also result-based. Each has its own unique way of charging the fees and businesses should choose the most appropriate one based on their needs and objectives. For example, a business that is looking for a long-term, sustainable online presence should go for a retainer type of services where a continuous service will be provided. On the other hand, a business that is running a time-sensitive marketing campaign can sign up for project-based services where the package will focus on the completion of the specific project. However, regardless of the selected type of package, it is crucial for businesses to discuss and understand the scopes and objectives with the service provider to ensure that the expectations would be met.

At least not with Sotavento Medios for our prices have remained consistent throughout the past 6 years with the support from our regular clients. We have decided to keep the prices to it and offer the best digital marketing experience you will ever get.

Small Business Owners Digital Marketing Package -$2500 Monthly or $27,000 Annual

  • 50 SEO Keywords for Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO
  • Social Media Marketing with Content Creation and Design
  • Social Media Growth Package for Facebook/ Instagram
  • Unlimited Graphics Designer Services
  • Content Copy Writing Services

SME Digital Marketing Package – $3500 Monthly or $37,800 Annual

  • 100 SEO Keywords for Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO
  • Social Media Marketing with Content Creation and Designs
  • Social Media Growth Package for Facebook and Instagram
  • Unlimited Graphics Designer Services
  • Content Copy Writing Services
  • Google Maps Local Citation Service
  • Guaranteed Website Traffic of 20k from any country

MNC and Large Business Corporations Digital Marketing Package – $4200 Monthly or $45,360 Annual

  • 200 SEO Keywords for Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO
  • Social Media Marketing with Content Creation and Designs
  • Social Media Growth Package for Facebook and Instagram
  • Unlimited Graphics Designer Services
  • Content Copy Writing Services
  • Google Maps Local Citation Service
  • Guaranteed Website Traffic 50k Choice from any country
  • Free Google Ads Management, no Service Fee

Digital Marketing Starter Pack – $1500 Monthly or $16,200 Annual

  • 50 SEO Keywords for Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO
  • Social Media Marketing with Content Creation and Design
  • Social Media Growth Package for Facebook/ Instagram

All Packages details are as follows

  • SEO Keywords comes with Daily SEO Ranking Report and Free Monthly website Audits
  • Social Media Marketing comes with content creation, graphics design, and conceptualization for posting on all social media platforms up to 30 postings a month.
  • Social Media Growth, Organic Package, comes with a guaranteed increase in Page/ Post Likes, followers for every single post, and video views with ads running across all our display networks on all social.
  • Unlimited Graphics Design allows you to communicate and create graphics require for your web or advertising at no extra cost.
  • Content copywriting Services up to 10 content writing services of any topical 100% original and no plagiarism for all articles, blogs, or SEO content writing.
  • Google Maps Local Citations comes with 2000 pins based on keywords and in entire Singapore.
  • Guaranteed website traffic helps in your branding with real human traffic from targeted sources, and demographics.
  • Google Ads Management is a service where we help to optimize your google ads, all advertising budgets still needs to be allocated and paid for by your company.
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