Why is SEO not Working for Me?

Are you not satisfied with the services offered by your SEO agency? Are you not getting the results you dreamt of. Are you feeling that you have over paid for your SEO services? Many companies do not actually know but they are overpaying for their SEO Package in Singapore.

But is the issue of you not achieving the rankings results because of the quality of the seo work done or is it some other factors.

Lets go through some basic pointers to see that your site is SEO Ready.

To have your website SEO Ready does not mean just having on site optimization and content. There are several factors that will cause you to have lower rankings regardless how hard you try. Some SEO Service Provider performs real quality SEO works, some are just bogus and does spamming of backlinks which is no difference than you buying a fiverr gig or buying a seo software. If you do not do it the correct way, you might in fact damage your SEO performance and be lost in Google Land. And that is the last thing anyone wants it to happen.

At Sotavento Medios, we have a vast experience in search engine optimization and can assured you results. We cannot guarantee you top 1 position in Google Search Directory, but we can certainly tell you that your rankings will improve greatly if you follow our guide below.

Factors of SEO, Why is it not performing?

  • Are you on a shared webhosting or a budget web hosting service
  • Are you using SEO software to self optimize it
  • Is your domain new, short life, going to expire?
  • Do you do email marketing or spamming with your domain emails account.
  • Is your content not original and taken off parts of other people website.
  • Are you using images which are not licensed or taken from Google images library?
  • Is your website content too short and mostly made out of images.
  • Are you running too many redirects and java scripts.
  • Is your website non responsive, mobile friendly.
  • Did you not install Google Search Console and set SEO Parameters for targeted Geographics marketing.
  • Are you using Free versions of SSL or is your website not secured with SSL Certificate?

If you agree to at least 2 of the above SEO Factors, You need help immediately.

WHats app us now for an appointment and let us help you in succeeding your SEO for your business.